A black dog curled up with six kittens.

When she needs a break this mother cat brings her litter to her dog roommate to mind

A mother cat has found an unlikely babysitter to take care of her young kittens. To catch a break she leaves her litter in the company of the house dog. The video of the dog watching over the kittens has Tiktok viewers gushing about the adorable scene.   Becoming a parent is nothing short of … Read more

Milo the cat

Prankster cat lures puppy inside closet and traps him

Milo, a playful cat, likes to trick his roommate, a house dog, into his owner’s closet — before closing the door on the hound. The pair’s owner, Erica Longo, filmed the sassy cat playing one of his favorite games with her dog, Beckham. Without her intervention, who knows how long the gullible canine would have spent … Read more

Anne the dog and Ginger the cat

Rescue kitty escaped crate to comfort sick dog

The friendship between a cat named Ginger and a dog named Anne moved veterinarians and colleagues at Greenside Animal Hospital. Both animals were brought to the veterinary clinic in a deplorable condition. The hospital witnessed the kitten’s extraordinary moment of compassion for the fearful rescued canine. As they put it “It’s cathartic to observe such … Read more