Cat thinks he’s invisible when he hides under bath mats and towels

Pumpkin gets a lot of attention being as cute as he is. So, sometimes he just likes to escape. That’s when he goes invisible and hides under a bath mat.

The orange and white rescue cat can typically be found getting cozy with his mom Hannah Dordick. Or indulging in a case of the zoomies. Or sprawled out on his back relaxing.

But when he’s not being adored or super active, Pumpkin spends his downtime going incognito. He loves hiding under bath mats.

Now you see me, now you don’t

This way he can spy on his family without them noticing. Or at least that’s what he believes. Dordick says that Pumpkin truly thinks that he’s invisible when covered by a bath math.

That or “he is just a weirdo,” as his mom explains. Bath mats aren’t Pumpkin’s only cloaks of invisibility.

Pretty much anything he finds on the floor and can cover himself with also possesses these magical qualities.

“Pumpkin likes hiding under tote bags or towels that are on the ground as well,” Dordick told The Dodo. “He’ll hide under a bag that is much smaller than him and act like you can’t see him.”

Bags can be a bit of a problem. Pumpkin often finds himself stuck in the handles.

“He’s making a fashion statement,” Dordick explains.

Sometimes he’ll forget that he’s being invisible and spying and will accidentally fall asleep while in a bag or underneath a bath mat.

“Pumpkin is a nutball, but also the sweetest little man,” Dordick said. “[He] seems to be happy almost all the time.”

Pumpkin of joy

While Pumpkin is really good at hiding, he’s even better at being the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

“Adopting Pumpkin put the light back into my life,” Dordick said. “His love and snuggles made everything better.”

Pumpkin was especially comforting after Dordick lost her white cat named Muffin. It wasn’t long after Dordick adopted Pumpkin that she adopted a second kitten named Waffle for Pumpkin to play with.

“Waffles has arrived! Pumpkin is extremely excited to have someone to play with, but Waffles needs a few days to adjust,” Dordick wrote on Instagram after bringing Waffles home.

It took a little while for Waffles to warm up to Pumpkin, but now they are best buds. They love to snuggle together.

Not only do they bring each other and their mom joy but also their social media fans. Follow Pumpkin and Waffles on TikTok and Instagram @pumpkinnwaffles.

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