Couple recreates famous movie scenes

David and Sarah have brought joy to thousands of people on the internet by duplicating scenes from films like “The Notebook” and “E.T.” with their cats Willow and Tara.

The couple, from Nottingham, England, have recreated some of the most iconic moments in cinema with their cats. David and Sarah decided that they wanted to see more cats starring in lead roles.

So, they created the @MovieCats Instagram page. The idea to recreate scenes from classic films started when they made a photo for their bar’s trivia night picture question on the film and TV round.

Cinema of cats

It went over really well with everyone at the pub. They decided to keep on going with it to the internet’s delight.

David and Sarah go the extra mile to perfectly recreate movie scenes with accuracy and attention to detail. And cats aren’t the easiest to work with.

It can be difficult to get them to cooperate for photos. They aren’t really big fans of sitting still.

“The Notebook”

But they get a lot of treats in the process, so they really don’t mind.

“It can be a challenge to get them to cooperate, but they get lots of treats so that tends to win them over to our nonsense,” David and Sarah told The Dodo. “We’re going to keep making them. It’s a hilarious way to spend a Sunday!”


David and Sarah will post a photo and ask their fans to guess what movie it’s from. One photo has David in a hoodie while his cat is riding in a bicycle.

Recreating classics

One of his cats is sitting in the basket with a blanket over its head. It’s the most famous scene from “E.T.” if you couldn’t figure that one out.

Another post shows David eating a piece of spaghetti with the other end in his cat’s mouth a la “Lady and the Tramp.”

“Lady and the Tramp”

“We look at famous movie scenes and think, How could we do this with our cats?” Chapman told BuzzFeed. “If it’s possible and seems silly enough, then we have a go.”

It takes about one to two hours for them to complete their photo shoots. They also only post photos sporadically every one or two weeks.

That’s because they want to wait until their pub quiz night to reveal them. David and Sarah photos quickly went viral. They didn’t expect it to get such a big response at all.

 “It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve made a lot of people smile,” she said.

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