Cat with rare skull deformity becomes an internet superstar

Mr. Magoo might look like he’s being a saucy cat giving you the razz. But it’s actually a skull deformity that gives him the unique look that made him an internet superstar.

Mr. Magoo wears a permenant blep due to his misaligned skull.

This makes his lower jaw lean to one side while his tongue sticks out the other side. It’s just part of what makes Mr. Magoo so incredibly endearing.

Special cat, special mom

Mr. Magoo’s mom Natalie Giles came across the unique looking feline when he was brought into her animal hospital along with his litter mates. She immediately fell in love him and took him home.

Mr. Magoo became the younger sibling to three dogs, Brixton, Carlton, and Henry, as well as another cat named Molly.

Mr. Magoo’s deformity limits how wide he is able to open his mouth. That means he can only eat canned wet food and has to lay off the crunchy stuff.

“As any Registered Veterinary Technician would do, I decided right then and there I had to keep him. I brought him home with me that night and was so in love. I had truly met my furry little soul mate,” Giles told Daily Hive News.

Mr. Magoo was supposed to have surgery that would elongate his soft palate and remove some of his teeth. This would help him to eat and breathe better.

It would also fix his blep. However, it was too difficult to intubate the kitty to deliver anesthetic since he couldn’t open his mouth.

So, the surgery wasn’t possible. But Mr. Magoo and his family were perfectly fine with him staying the handsome blep-faced boy that he is.

Blep-faced boy

“His skull is slightly deformed as well which causes him to snore and snort, but other than that he is happy and healthy,” Giles told Metro. “Even though he has this disability, it never seems to slow him down. When I first met Magoo I thought that he needed me, but in reality I was the one who needed him. He has changed my life forever.”

When Mr. Magoo isn’t being doted by his mom, he likes to spend his time cuddling up on the sofa, sneaking bites of human food, and jumping up on the counters. Mostly stuff he’s not supposed to be doing.

Besides that, he also likes being adored by thousands of fans on the internet. He has more than 56,000 fans on Instagram and 5,000 followers on Facebook, and his story has been picked up by various national publications.

Take one look at Mr. Magoos sweet face, and you can easily see why he is so adored.

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