Cat takes over a vintage dollhouse

In a shocking series of events, a giant cat took over an entire house!

Actually, the cat was normal-sized, and it was the house that was small. This cat loved the new dollhouse her owner had just purchased, and her owner posted adorable pictures of her and the house on Reddit.

In the pictures, she lounged in different areas of the house, chilling out on the porch or the rooftop. She even fit in some of the rooms inside!

An amazing find

The cat’s owner, Laura, had found the dollhouse at a Goodwill thrift store. She knew it was an amazing find, since it looked old but was still remarkably intact. It also seemed hand-made and very well-done, with real glass, wallpaper, carpets, and even some electrical rigging for lights. Whoever had made it had put an amazing amount of dedication and effort into creating it.

But this wouldn’t protect it from the cat. As soon as Laura started bringing it home, her cat invaded it. She said:

“She was already on the porch before I had time to bring in the other half! She tried out all the rooms and has settled on the living room.”

Black cat inside dollhouse
The cat tries out one of the rooms in the dollhouse. Pic credit: u/lauragay2/Reddit

Cat infestation

Laura had planned to restore the dollhouse and sell it, but her cat had other ideas. She completely took over, even sleeping in one of the rooms the night that Laura brought it home.

When Laura posted pictures of the house (and the cat) to Reddit, asking for information about the time it was made and advice on how to restore it, several people came to her aid in the comment section. One person replied:

“It’s beautiful, but it’s got a wicked cat infestation.”

Clearly she would have to deal with the infestation before she even had a chance to fix the house.

Black cat sits on top of a dollhouse
Laura couldn’t do much about this very serious infestation. Pic credit: u/lauragay2/Reddit

Home invasion

According to Laura, this feline takeover could have been expected because of her cat’s personality. She said:

“Not sure about all black cats, but this one is super snuggly and mischievous!”

Of course this mischievous kitty would get in the way of her owner’s project and claim the house as her own.

Laura had been so excited to clean and fix up the dollhouse, but she knew that she would have to wait. In the worst-case scenario, her two other cats would notice and want to join in the fun, and all three cats would take up permanent residency in the house. But she hoped that the newness of the dollhouse would wear off and her cat would lose interest.

We can only hope that Laura and her cat have found a peaceful solution to this home invasion.

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