Cats star in remixes of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Picasso

Cats have for long intrigued and enchanted us. One only has to browse the internet’s most watched videos to find the evidence supporting this statement.

Because of these videos, the animal has become a cultural symbol. In fact, it is now used as a source of inspiration by artists, designers, and popular culture.

This is the case with the designer and illustrator Veselka Velinova, who thought it would be a good idea to center her most recent creative endeavor around our feline companions.

She achieved her aim by conceptualizing a complete series around kittens. The Bulgarian designer created a collection of artworks, taking cues from the techniques of twelve diverse artists.

Through her creations, Veselka Velinova pays a double tribute to the various masters who have left their marks on the history of art throughout the ages and the cat in the best possible way.

Ranging from Picasso to Chagall, to Klimt, Van Gogh, or Miró, the designer takes her inspiration from the best. She tried to use the same aesthetic values, techniques, and methods prevalent during their respective epochs of art history.

One look at the art pieces will have viewers spotting a little feline starring in a famous painting. A cat napping in the hay under Van Gogh’s starry night is next to a kitten playing guitar in an interpretation of Picasso’s work.

 These pieces by Veselka Velinova are held in private collections in various countries, including the United States, Europe, and Russia.

These designers inspired by cats

Veselka  Velinova is a  talented artist currently residing in Sofia, Bulgaria. The creator has over fourteen years of experience working as a professional designer and illustrator in the design industry.

Of her collection, she said:

“I created this series of cats because I am fascinated by the variety of styles found in art history. Oh, and I also happen to like cats! I hope you enjoy.”

Furthermore, the illustrator stated that her main goal is to create websites, applications, and publications that are aesthetically beautiful and extremely helpful to their users.

If you find yourself drawn to Veselka Velinova’s work, have a look at her portfolio on Behance to gain further insight into her creative process.

Moreover, cat lovers and art buffs might look at some Malaysian artist Kamwei Fong’s paintings. Fong uses Indian ink to create felines with mesmerizing fur.

Both the feline companions we keep as pets and the creative arts are still very much a part of our lives today.

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