Pet Portraits finds your pet in famous artworks

Google’s Pet Portraits app finds look-alikes of your cat in artworks

A tool developed by Google lets users upload pictures of their pets and discover the hidden work of art within the animal. Inspired by the success of their Arts & Culture app, which allows people to identify themselves in renowned artworks, the Palo Alto firm launched the animal version called Pet Portraits at the end … Read more

Illustrator creates cat painting inspired by famous artworks

Cats star in remixes of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Picasso

Cats have for long intrigued and enchanted us. One only has to browse the internet’s most watched videos to find the evidence supporting this statement. Because of these videos, the animal has become a cultural symbol. In fact, it is now used as a source of inspiration by artists, designers, and popular culture. This is … Read more

Cat ladders in Bern are the topic of a book

An artist photographs atypical ladders installed to help cats climb into their buildings in Bern

Cats ladders have made their apparition in many cities. These miniatures allow kitties to move up and down the stairs and hallways of their apartment complex with ease. Bern, the Swiss city, is full of them. Consequently, graphic artist and author Brigitte Schuster has compiled a book about these unusual cat structures titled Swiss cat … Read more

A still from the game Nine Noir Lives.

Cat-themed video game Nine Noir Lives is scheduled for release in September

Following the success of the cat-themed video game Stray this summer, another cat-inspired adventure game is making players purr with excitement: Nine Noir Lives. Designed in the 1980’s game style, Nine Noir Lives offers a cast of charming feline characters and a vintage style that should make whiskers fanatics happy. The game is studio Silvernode Games’ … Read more

A cat sits on a book shelf surrounded by books.

Check out this incredible cat-themed bookstore!

Last summer, a brand-new bookstore opened in Aix-en-Provence, France. From a distance, the bookshop looks like any other regular shop, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice this one is unique. “Mon Chat Pitre“ is France’s first bookstore solely dedicated to cats. You’ll be able to pet six felines adopted from shelters while browsing the shelves … Read more