Couple bought a farmhouse which included 16 cats in the purchase

In 2018 in upstate New York, Emily and Dylan purchased a historic farmhouse for their forever home. However, the realtor warned the couple that the property came with sixteen feral cats. 

This unexpected information did not intimidate the animal-loving couple and was not a dealbreaker. After moving in, the couple befriended the cats and started bonding with them.

Bonding time

Feral cats, by nature, are not socialized and can behave more like wild cats, and unsocialized, Emily and her partner made an effort to bond with the cats. She brought toys, catnip, or grooming tools to brush the cats or entertain them.

After a bit of time, the couple got all the cats fixed and vaccinated. 

Time for an upgrade

The former farmhouse owner used the shed as a place for the feral cats to reside. The structure had no doors to protect the cats from the environment.

Seeing how the former homeowner had a dilapidated shed on the property for the cats to use, the new owners wanted to give them an upgrade.

In a viral video on YouTube, you can see the process of how Emily and Dylan bond with the feral cats and devise a plan. They decided to create a cat room in their outdoor storage shed customized just for them.

The couple ventured off to the store to get all conveniences for the felines to make them comfortable. They purchased new food bowls and bedding, and toys for the cats.

A place to call their own

The new owners got to work and made the needed improvements to the old shed and storage area, outfitting it with a door, windows, a catwalk, and more. Emily and Dylan worked together to add high shelves, plenty of beds, food bowls, cat trees, and a catwalk.

Now the cats have a place to call their own. They have their own little sanctuary, and they love it.

Lessons learned.

This couple bought a farmhouse and got so much more. The once timid feral cats they befriended are now part of the family.

The felines have taught the couple much about the meaning of unconditional love from animals and the human-animal bond connection. The cats’ lives have transformed, too.

The ginger furballs have grown from skittish feral felines to loveable self-assured cats. They are excited to continue their journey together.

The duo’s latest farmhouse project involves a complete cat house makeover. You can follow this couple’s journey with their cats’ on Instagram or Tik Tok.

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