This ‘odd couple’ cat and bird duo become inseparable after passing of a fellow family member

At the end of 2020, Rachel brought home a bird named Chicken for her pet cat Frank, who loved watching bird TV. As luck would have it, the ginger cat and petite bird became fast friends and a real live ‘odd couple.’

Chicken comes home to roost.

In a viral video post on YouTube, owner Rachel remembers how opposites Frank, the cat, and Chicken, the bird, became two peas in a pod.

A year after Chicken joined the family, Rachel adopted Pugsly from an animal shelter. With two ginger cats and a bird at home, the three became the ‘three amigos’ and best friends.

A death in the family

Unfortunately, within the same year of adopting Pugsly, Frank fell ill and passed away. Because Chicken had bonded with Frank first and for a long time, Rachel was concerned about how Chicken would handle Frank’s passing.

Pets mourn too.

To her surprise and delight, Chicken and Pugsley leaned on each other during this time of mourning. They both experienced grief together.

During this time, the duo’s bond intensified. And together, the pair worked through their bereavement.

The ‘odd couple.’

Chicken and Pugsley continued the former trio’s tradition of being stuck like glue to each other. In a world where cats are hunters and birds are the prey does not apply in this household.

Chicken and Pugsley are more like peers than enemies. The two chase each other around the house.

They play with their toys together. Chicken and Pugsley even hang out together in Chicken’s bird cage.

Yes, you read that correctly. This extraordinary bond and friendship go beyond everything you learned in school.

Lessons learned

Sometimes in life, people from opposite worlds connect and become soulmates. This unique bond transcends beyond just the human species and relays into the animal world.

When this pet mom mourned the loss of her cat Frank, Pugsley and Chicken came together to help each other work through their grief. With time they all returned to a sense of normalcy in their unusual way.

This odd couple has proven to be the perfect pair of soulmates. You can follow Pugsley and his adventures with Chicken at home with their mom Rachel on Tik Tok.

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