cats with toy

These adorable street cats receive second-hand toys, and you’ll love how they react

There is a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, the same can apply to cats. In a popular Tik Tok post published October 7th by a user with the handle @the.wizard.of.cats, two feral cats are on a residence’s porch at night. Street cats receive a gift. One black cat and one … Read more

three orange cats cuddle together sleepy in cat bed

Couple bought a farmhouse which included 16 cats in the purchase

In 2018 in upstate New York, Emily and Dylan purchased a historic farmhouse for their forever home. However, the realtor warned the couple that the property came with sixteen feral cats.  This unexpected information did not intimidate the animal-loving couple and was not a dealbreaker. After moving in, the couple befriended the cats and started … Read more

Special needs cats from all over the world get given a forever home at this amazing sanctuary

Milo’s Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue is one of the only special needs cat rescues in the world. Because of this, they get requests from all over asking them to take in cats. And they do, they’ve taken in cats from Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, and more, helping them get healthy and hopefully getting them … Read more