Couple falls in love with cat that clawed her way through their ceiling

When Tass Camargo discovered that a cat broke into her house by ripping through her ceiling, she decided to adopt it. She didn’t really have a choice.

As she sees it, the cat chose her. Camargo and her husband discovered their new family member after they arrived home one night.

The grey tabby cat was cuddled up on their couch. They were pretty surprised since they had never seen this strange cat before.

Breaking and entering

The cat was startled by the homeowners’ presence and ran out of the house as fast as she could. Camargo and her husband were left scratching their heads wondering how this cat even got into their house.

Until they looked up. There they saw a cat-sized hole in the kitchen ceiling where the mysterious cat clawed her way through to get inside their home.

Camargo was left pretty astonished by the whole ordeal, in addition to figuring out how she was going to fix the new hole in her ceiling.

But this cat wasn’t just looking for a warm safe place to lay her head. She was looking for a family to love. And she must have wanted it pretty badly because she had to have some pretty strong claw action going on to get through the wooden slat ceiling.

A few hours later, Camargo heard a strange sound in the kitchen. When she went to go check on it, all she saw was a paw sticking out of the ceiling.

“We had never seen the cat before. We wondered who this cat is and how she got into the house,” Camargo told The Dodo. “I only saw a paw sticking out,”

Chosen parents

The paw retracted and a tiny cat face poked through. Eventually, the cat felt comfortable enough to climb down. She asked Camargo for some pets and decided then and there that Camargo would be her new mom.

“She is very cute and loving,” Camargo told The Dodo. “We couldn’t kick her out because we believe she chose us.”

Qiyana’s entrance into Camargo’s heart was a bit dramatic. But even with the property damage, her new family thinks she’s worth it.

“She always wants to be around us and just doesn’t leave the house,” Camargo said. “We saw it as a forced adoption. So, we adopted her.”

Now Camargo couldn’t be happier to have a bold kitty like Qiyana in her life.

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