Lonely kitten joins another litter and creates a vampire kitty coven

Abandoned kitten Colin Robinson was still lonely even after the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) took him in. That’s why he was so excited to join a litter of four kittens and create a vampire kitty coven.

Colin Robinson, named after the psychic vampire from the TV show “What We Do in the Shadows,” was picked up as a sole stray when he was just 2-days-old.

He was found scavenging through garbage areas in an industrial complex. Colin Robinson received intensive care at the welfare league for his first two-and-a-half weeks of life.

Crying kitty

But once he was able to open his eyes, his rescuers found that he was very lonely and needed some friends. He would cry often, being all alone.

Coincidently, AWLA had one of their fosters taking care of a litter of four kittens found in a warehouse pallet around the same time Colin Robinson was brought in.

These kittens were also named after characters from “What We Do in the Shadows,” vampires Nadja, Nandor, and Lazlo, and their accountant/bodyguard/human familiar/vampire slayer Guillermo.

“By this point, he was the same age as my new four, so I agreed to take over his care,” the litter’s foster Penny told Love Meow.

Colin Robinson immediately interjected himself into their family. He couldn’t have been more excited to have some little buddies.

A happy Colin Robinson

“He was immediately very happy when I put him with his new friends. He started biting them to play,” Penny told Love Meow.

Just like a vampire! The litter accepted him into their family, which completed their vampire kitty coven.

“He’s been playing and snuggling with them ever since, and now only cries when he’s hungry,” Penny said. “He is a funny little guy who loves to bounce around the pen, play-fighting with his new siblings. He is a very enthusiastic eater, and one of his favorite things is his bottle and milk.”

Colin Robinson likes taking naps after playing with his new siblings. His favorite thing to do is lay his head on them. They don’t mind being his pillows.

As much as Colin Robinson loves his spooky new family, he still loves his foster mom and makes sure to get in some cuddle time with her too.

“He purrs and purrs after he eats, and loves spending time on my lap,” Penny said.

Colin Robinson has benefitted greatly from being around the litter and learning the ropes of being a cat. He’s a very happy vampire kitty.

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