Dad blames ruckus on cats until he realizes a banana thief broke in

Luke automatically assumed his cats were causing trouble when he heard a commotion coming from the kitchen. As his cats looked on, he was shocked when he realized a possum had broken into his home to steal some bananas.

Luke started recording to see if he could catch his cats in act. You can hear him in the video calling out, “What’re you guys doing?”

But when he arrived in the kitchen he saw his cats sitting outside through a window. They were staring at the actual creature making all the noise.

Not the cats

Inside his kitchen was an Australian possum holding a banana. The Australian possum, known as the common brushtail possum, is a social creature and will often come into contact with humans.

They live in urban areas, forests, woodlands, and heath and are found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and New Zealand.

Luke cries out, “Oh my God!” causing the possum to drop one banana and scamper further into the kitchen with another one.

Luke lets out another expletive as the possum is under a table. The creature clearly wasn’t shy and went back for the other banana. He didn’t seem threatened by Luke at all.


When you think you hear the cats playing up in the kitchen and start recording to catch them.. #straya #cats #kitten #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #funny

♬ original sound – Luke

“Boys, get em’,” Luke yells out to his cats.

But they just continue to sit there and do nothing. Luke is just giggling at this point.

“No way!” he says to himself.

At this point, the cats look very confused.

“Peanut attack!” he tells the cat. “Oh my God!”

Something tells me that a cat named Peanut wouldn’t be great in this kind of situation. Luke is just in hysterics over what is happening.

Escorting himself out

He goes to open the door to let his cats in when the possum gets too close for comfort. That’s when Luke lets out a shriek.

The possum then takes off running out of the open window, which he where he probably got in. Luke’s video ended up going viral and was viewed 674,500 times.

“Can’t lie it definitely gave me a fright, then it switched to being funny, then another fright. I honestly still laugh every time I rewatch this,” Luke wrote on TikTok.

Many people in the video’s comments were impressed by the possum.

“Did you throw out some peeled bananas at least afterward? He deserves one, lol,” said one commenter on TikTok.

“Those cats are like dude, that thing’s bigger than us!!” said another.

Thankfully the brushtail possum let himself out so the cats wouldn’t have to go after him. Not like they were going to anyway.

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