House cat steps up and takes on daddy duties for stray kittens

Fluffy ginger cat Quinn loves being a foster dad. He immediately stepped up to parent and protect an abandoned orange tabby named Kurt.

Quinn’s human mom Melissa took in Kurt when his original rescuer Amy had to go out of town. Amy knew that she was leaving Kurt in good hands with Melissa.

But she didn’t know that he would be in good paws with Quinn. Melissa’s cat Quinn absolutely loves it when his mom brings home kittens and always helps out.

Mr. Mom

Kurt was no exception. Kurt was growing stronger in Melissa’s care, but he really wanted another furry companion that felt like true family.

When Quinn was finally able to meet Kurt, he started to guard the kitten’s carrier.

Quinn immediately took on the role of Kurt’s protector. Quinn made Kurt feel safe and loved, which is precisely what he needed.

The kitten cuddled right up to the older cat. They had to give Kurt a bigger box because Quinn really wanted to snuggle him too.

Quinn loves helping Melissa to foster the kittens. He even cleans and grooms the babies like a good dad.

“He always meows at us nonstop until we let him in to see the kittens. From there, he watches over them. He will stand by their box, bathe them, and sit next to them to keep them warm,” Melissa told Love Meow.

Being there for the babies

Quinn did such a good job with his foster dad duties that Kurt even tried to nurse from him. Kurt will look at Melissa and meow if he can’t find Quinn.

“They have a really amazing bond. They are so different in size and age, but they hang out together most of the day,” Melissa said. “Kurt feels safe when he is with Quinn, and Quinn feels like a protector. If we have the kitten in another room, Quinn will go and sit in his box to keep it warm and wait for him to come back.”

Kurt is still a teeny tiny, so Quinn sometimes puts his paw on Kurt to make sure he doesn’t scamper off too far. But sometimes Quinn just like Kurt to be close.

“Sometimes when I leave Kurt out of his box to walk around, I come back into the room and Quinn will have lifted him back into his box to sleep.”

Quinn will continue to take great care of Kurt until he’s ready to find a forever home. Meanwhile, Amy said she was very grateful for Quinn.

“He is obviously the kind of father every baby needs,” Amy said on Instagram.

You can check out her page for updates on Kurt and Quinn on Instagram @mightmaxthesupercat.

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