Dad installs clear ceiling tiles at store so his cats can spy on him all day

Bring your cat to work day is every day for a shop owner in Taipei City, Taiwan. The doting cat dad even installed clear ceiling tiles so his cats could watch him work all day.

The shop owner runs a small first-floor store and lives in the apartment above. His three cats love to come to the shop with him, according to The Dodo.

But sometimes they get a little stir crazy and like to go exploring. That’s how they discovered that they could get into the shop’s ceiling.

Surveillance cats

This made their dad worry a little because he couldn’t keep an eye on them. He would also have to explain to the customers what the strange noise in the ceiling was.

So, he came up with a brilliant idea that would allow him to see what his cats were doing. And that would also allow the cats to see what he was doing and what was going on in the store.

The shopowner and cat dad removed a few ceiling tiles and replaced them with clear ones. And it’s been an incredible success for all.

The cats just sit on them and spy on dad and his store all day long. They love watching over everything from above.

But dad and his customers get the greatest view of all: smushed cat bellies and bean toe paws. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing a flat cat belly from below then you’ll know how amazing it is.

Sometimes they even sit with their paws underneath their bellies making the kitties look like loaves of bread. It is a truly adorable sight to see.

Spying on the store at least keeps the kitties busy and in dad’s eye view for most of the day. Because if dad can’t see what they’re up to, it’s a assumpion that they’re up to no good.

Up to no good

These cat siblings can be quite naughty sometimes. They pretty much run the shop and the household.

For example, dad is required to be home on time from work every day. If dad doesn’t get home from work to feed the cats on time, they destroy his house.

And these two cat surprisingly do a lot of damage. So, that’s why dad likes to keep them close when he can.

Even though the cats can be quite the handful, they’ve at least brought a lot of attention to the store.

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