Employee summoned to boss’s office finds cat sitting at the desk

A worker was asked to come to the boss’s office in the morning. Worried, the employee opened the executive’s door but found someone else throning at the desk: a black cat with a stern posture.

The situation amused the employee so much that he shared his funny experience on social media, eliciting hilarious responses.

When a manager tells you to come to his office for a chat, many possibilities spring to an employee’s mind.

 On the one hand, they might need help and expertise to solve an existing problem. Similarly, they intend to assign you a task for which they need to discuss details and a deadline.

On the other hand, this instruction might not bode well for the future. Many employees associate a chat with the boss with shortfalls of an applied policy or their own work performances.

There’s a new chief in the office

In the next story, the worker had no idea why he was summoned to his boss’s office, although he would have never imagined the following scenario.

When the employee opened the door to his manager’s office, there was no sign of the boss. On the opposite, a puss was sitting at the desk.

In a funny post, the employee posted a photo of the unexpected sighting on Reddit with the humorous caption:

“Think I’ll lose my job?”

The picture shows a black feline installed in a navy office chair. In front of the animal is a desk with files stacked on it.

In reality, the probability of this scene happening in a work environment is undoubtedly very low. As it turns out, Redditor @brenfukungfu was playing a little hoax.

He has apparently set this scene up with his own pet to get a laugh from the audience.

Judging by the responses, the man has succeeded. His post obtained almost ten thousand upvotes in less than three days, with more than a hundred commenters.

Commenters joined the fun, issuing fake warnings to “the employee.” Alluding to the picture’s caption, user @ebhead94 said:

“It doesn’t look good fur you *.”

Many let their imaginations run and suggested potential speeches for the black kitten.  @hayley566 jokingly wrote:

“I saw that my food bowl was only half full today. I want you to know that such carelessness is unacceptable, and you’ll have to work overtime to make up for it.”

Although most readers got the gag, some initially admitted they felt for the prank.

“That NSFW tag had me scared for a sec,” @DonTajj acknowledged

Looking at his confession’s four hundred upvotes, Dontajj probably wasn’t the only one played.

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