Disabled cat goes paw to paw with frogs, cows, and alligators for the title of ‘America’s Favorite Pet’

Tyson, a cat that was paralyzed after a dog attack, is vying for the title of “America’s Favorite Pet.” Tyson was injured when he was just 1-month-old.

He was diagnosed as being paralyzed from a whiplash injury after the attack. Miraculously, the dog didn’t break any of Tyson’s bones. It also didn’t tear his skin.

However, something was permanently injured because the attack left Tyson without the use or feeling of his back legs.

Can’t slow Tyson down

Still, Tyson’s disability has never stopped him. In fact, it didn’t even slow him down “for a second,” according to his mom Rachel Stallings.

Stallings, at one point, called him “Zippy” because he would zip around super fast on his bum while his feet flew in every direction.

His unique way of getting around brings immense joy to Stallings and all of Tyson’s social media fans.

“Can’t believe how far he’s come with his progress,” Stallings told WRDW. “He just brings me so much joy. He’s such a sweet cat.”

Tyson has a huge personality. Some might say it’s even a bit quirky. But that’s just part of what makes him so special.

“Tyson has yet to find a treat he doesn’t like, but my fingers or my ears seem to be his absolute favorite snack,” Stallings said.

Tyson receives physical therapy, which has helped him to get around independently. He receives a range of treatments to help strengthen the functions he does have.

“He is a character and such an inspiration. With a diagnosis of paralysis from a whiplash injury and probability of becoming a ‘spinal walker’ with hydrotherapy and acupuncture treatments, Tyson has been working hard to get back on his feet. When we’re not doing exercises, he loves playing with all the toys and zooming around the house, chasing anything that moves, especially his big brother, Simon,” Stallings said.

Tyson is America’s Favorite Pet

Unfortunately, Tyson’s physical therapy gets pretty pricey. So, his mom entered him into the “America’s Favorite Pet” contest hoping he could take home the $10,000 prize.

“That would really help with his medical bills because he’s an expensive cat,” Stallings said. “We are competing against all kinds of animals. We’ve got frogs and cows and rabbits and guinea pigs and alligators. You name it. It’s tough, but Tyson’s a fighter. I think he can make it to the end. We’ll see how it goes.”

You can vote for Tyson on the contest’s website here and check out his TikTok page @tyson.on.his.feet.

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