Kitten refuses to leave his premie brother’s side and helps him to survive

Since being born premature and abandoned by their mother, kittens Laszlo and Lestat have always had each others’ backs. They even helped to nurse one another through illness to stay alive.

The two were found abandoned in a backyard with their other siblings and taken in by the Orphan Kitten Club.

Lestat was placed in intensive care right away since he was the runt of the litter. The brothers’ foster mom, Yige Zhao, wasn’t sure if he would survive during his first week of life.

Making it through together

She spent many sleepless nights trying to make sure that he did. But it was Laszlo who helped his brother to overcome obstacles and defy the odds.

Laszlo never left his brother’s side and served as his brother’s protector. Laszlo’s warm touch helped to enliven Lestat.

When his brother’s heartbeat slowed, Laszlo wiggled over and nudged his brother. Like magic, Lestat’s heartbeat would stabilize.

“I noticed that almost every time this happened,” Zhao told Love Meow.

Laszlo also liked to put his arm around his brother after they ate. This love and kinship helped Lestat to grow strong. After a while, the silver-grey fever coat Lestat developed due to his illness returned to its original black color.

Now the two brothers could really have fun and start to play together. Lestat copied everything Laszlo did. It wasn’t long before the pair were healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

They quickly found a forever home together with their new mom Amy. They happily settled into their new home, zipping around and wrestling all over the place.

“They love to cuddle while napping, right in front of the bright window from the highest perch on their tree,” Amy told Love Meow.

The two brothers have tons of energy and spend their mornings roughhousing and playing until they are completely tuckered out and ready for a snooze. They’ve both grown their unique personalities.

“Laszlo is well above his weight class. He’s a hungry, chonky, and lovable cat who can’t wait to get his next cuddle and chin scratch,” Amy said. “Lestat, on the other hand, can jump up on high counters. He’s thrown down a bag of hot dog buns and a bag of corn tortillas to his brother. Lestat is a wild child that aids his brother’s addiction of food.”

These two get themselves into a considerable amount of mischief as well.

Mischief makers

“He [Laszlo] can also open cupboards and drawers, which Laszlo cannot do, so our kitchen has been reorganized accordingly. Lestat uses our sleeping bodies as parkour ramps, and then climbs all over furniture knocking over every item in his path.”

But these naughty little boys are extremely sweet at heart. Their love for each other is extremely strong, and they love to hug and always be close to one another. You can check out Laszlo and Lestat’s antics on their Instagram page @lestatandlaszlo.

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