Ex-boyfriend replaced by cat in family photos after break-up

Chloe Forsberg was a little down after breaking up with her ex. So, her family replaced his image in family photos with their cat Woof to cheer her up.

Bringing the current person you’re dating to a family event, like a wedding, is risky. While that person may be out of your life, they’ll be in the photos from that day forever.

But no one thinks of that when they’re in love. In hindsight, Forsberg should have brought her favorite feline, Woof, whose love she could count on to be forever hers.

The first special man

Forsberg’s family adopted Woof as a kitten when Forsberg was 10-years-old. Everyone was utterly smitten by the kitten.

Even the non-cat people in the Forsbergs’ lives loved Woof. The tabby loved attention and was exceedingly affectionate.

Woof was still the special man in Forsberg’s heart when she grew up and moved out of her parent’s home to live with her boyfriend.

After four years together, Forsberg and her boyfriend broke up. They had been together for so long that he was a fixture in many of her family photos, including the ones from her cousin’s wedding, where she was a bridesmaid.

“One of my main concerns at the time was: ‘Oh no, he’s in the wedding photos!’” Forsberg told The Dodo.

Forsberg’s loving family soon came to the rescue with a solution. Thankfully, her tech-savvy sister, Emily, knew her way around photo editing software.

“When we broke up six months (after the wedding), my sister thought it’d be fun to replace him with a picture of my cat. It was a joke, really. I felt a bit bad to have the pictures ruined with photos of him. But my sister made me feel a bit better about it,” Fosberg told TODAY.

Laughing through the heartache

Emily was able to alter the photos using Microsoft Paint. Seeing her handsome cat in place of the one who broke her heart really helped ease Forsberg’s heartache.

“Emily is a very creative person and my family tend to deal with bad situations by using humor,” Forsberg said. “So even though I was quite upset at the time, it made me laugh a lot!”

Forsberg got such a kick out of the photos that she shared them on Twitter, where they went viral.

“I had never shared [the photos] online until my favorite radio DJ Greg James tweeted a similar picture,” Chloe told Us. “I replied to him with these photos thinking I might be lucky to get a like from him, but he retweeted it and it’s gone a bit crazy since then!”

Forsberg says she absolutely has no ill feelings toward her ex but is glad that some joy came out of their relationship ending.

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