This doting father hatched a plan to give his asthmatic cat the best quality of life

As cat parents, you want the best quality of life for your furry family members. So when John discovered his tabby Liam received a diagnois as an asthmatic cat, he decided to take action.

In a viral video post on YouTube, the father of two cats, John, shares his backstory. He shares his home with one female Bengal cat, Momo, and a handsome tabby male cat named Liam.

In the video, John recounts when he first had Liam as a young cat. After about the first or second year of living together, he noticed Liam having difficulty breathing.

He took Liam to the veterinarian, and he discovered he had asthma. Unfortunately, this handsome tabby cat would need an inhaler twice daily for the rest of his life.

The initial news seemed daunting. A consequence of using the daily inhaler included a bit of weight gain for Liam.

So after about a year, John noticed Liam put on weight. Determined to ensure Liam had the best quality of life, he decided to take action.

Taking action

John put him on an exercise regime and used clever techniques to get Liam to fit in more activity daily. He was on a quest to have Liam lose those extra pesky pounds.

Hovering over eighteen pounds, Liam had a way to go. From buying an exercise running wheel to making pillow obstacle courses, father John used every resource to get Liam to be more active.

The journey hasn’t been easy. Liam is making good progress.

Since his journey began a year ago, he is now down to approximately fourteen pounds and counting.

Unconditional love and bond

Over the past seven years, John has remained committed to giving his asthmatic cat Liam his daily inhaler. His dedication as a cat parent demonstrates the true meaning of unconditional love.

In sickness and in health, their bond continues to grow. John would do anything for Liam as he’s his best friend and family.

Getting Liam to lose weight improves his quality of life and reduces pressure on his lungs to breathe. Sister cat Momo and John help motivate Liam to use the exercise wheel and exert energy daily.

Wrap up

When John discovered his cat had a chronic condition, he took the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons. He refused to accept anything less than the best for Liam.

He wanted his cat to have every chance for a quality life, so his father started by forming an exercise regime.

In life, there are challenges. However, how you respond to those obstacles shows your character.

John and Momo continue to keep Liam inspired and on the right track. You can follow the family and Liam on his weight loss journey on Instagram.

Do you have an asthmatic cat or a feline with special needs? How do you help ensure they have the best quality of life?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment. Remember to share this inspiring story with a friend.

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