Her owners thought she was sick and later learned she’s a wolfcat

When Gracie was born, her parents thought that she was strange and sickly looking. They had no idea that she was actually a wolfcat.

A woman named Bree from Maine was fostering two pregnant cats. They helped to take care of each other’s kittens after giving birth.

One of those kittens was Gracie. Gracie was the oddball out of the two litters.

What’s wrong with Gracie?

She had bald spots and irregular fur patterns. Gracie was also a lot skinnier and more delicate than the other kittens.

Bree assumed that there was something wrong with her and that Gracie was sick.

So, Bree took Gracie to the vet and was told that she may have had a fever coat.

This is an irregular coat of hair that occurs in kittens of mothers who either had a fever or certain medications during pregnancy.

It can also happen if the mother was subjected to lots of stress while pregnant.

Otherwise, they said that Gracie was fine. But as Gracie grew, it was clear that there was something very different about Gracie.

“As she started to grow, I really couldn’t get over how odd she looked and how she looked nothing like her siblings or parents,” Bree told Bored Panda.

Bree started to do some investigating and finally figured out Gracie’s secret.

“I came across a cat that looked similar but I didn’t think much of it. As she grew, I tried to Google different kinds of cats with black and white peppered hair and bald faces, and eventually, I figured out she was indeed a wolfcat, or more appropriately named, a Lykoi.”

A Lykoi is a domestic cat with a natural genetic mutation that can occur in feral cat communities.

These cats end up looking like little werewolves. So, Grace is essentially a werekitty.

Gracie the werekitty

“She only has 1 coat of fur and will molt about every 6 months. Her fur can be brushed forward and backward, kind of like a wolf’s coat,” Bree said. “She has sensitive skin and will need extra attention to monitor her grease and oil build up around her face and feet.”

Bree introduced the world to Gracie on social media, and the little wolfcat ended up going viral.

“I recently shared her story in videos on TikTok and she has now gone viral. She has a video with 6M views and 1.1M likes. She now has 42k followers as well! So that’s pretty cool! We also found out that wolfcats are actually valued at around $3,000, so getting an expensive cat for free is also pretty epic!”

You can follow this wolfcat on Instagram @graciewolfcat.

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