Kitten rescued after clinging to life inside excavator

Matt shut down everything on the construction site after hearing the sounds of a kitten cry. His diligence in tracking down the noise ended up saving a newborn kitten’s life.

All the equipment onsite was stopped and everyone got real quiet to to track down the noise. The sound was coming from the inside of an excavator.

After a little bit of searching, the orange kitten was found in an excavator on site. It was believed that the kitten had been stuck inside all day long.

Sole survivor

The kitten was meowing pretty loud for a newborn. They decided to call him Max. But the kitty wasn’t that easy to reach.

Matt had to remove plates from underneath the piece of equipment to get to the cat. Max was, unfortunately, the only kitten to survive in his litter.

Matt wrapped up Max in a jacket and took it to his sister Amy’s house. The kitten was about half the weight he should have been at 2.5 ounces.

His umbilical cord was still attached. He also had what appeared to be burns on him.

“He was covered in dirt with dirt filling his mouth and ears. I gently wiped him with a wet cotton ball and found that he had burns on the side of his face and front legs,” Amy told Love Meow.

Max was syringe fed to help him eat as much as he could. He liked to cuddle up next to Amy after his belly was nice and full.

Eventually, Max opened his eyes and gained a little weight. However, the first few weeks of his life were touch and go.

Stayin’ alive

The first three weeks were nerve-wracking. “I didn’t know if he would survive. He’s always had a strong meow and a determination to get what he wants,” Amy said.

Max grew stronger and soon learned how to walk. His favorite place to climb is up on the shoulders of the humans in his family.

“He purred from the beginning and loves to play with whoever will play with him, including our dog. He is a miracle,” Amy said.

Now Max is thriving in his new home with his new family. He even has his own social media fans. You can follow Max on Instagram @mightymaxthesupercat.

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