Hilarious cat likes to sit down like a human every day

Cats are pretty hilarious sometimes, and some of them even have quirks that make them extra funny. This cat owner is blessed with a beautiful cat who loves to sit in the funniest way.

Sit like a human

Peace is just a normal cat…mostly. She does normal cat things, like eat and sleep and cuddle, but she also likes to sit down in the funniest way.

When she takes a seat, she looks almost like a human sitting down and slouching. She’s on her rump with her legs out in front of her, just chilling.

Her owner posted a picture of her on Reddit, showing how she sits. In the caption, her owner wrote:

“My cat sits like this everyday for like 40 mins.”

Amazing! Not only does Peace have such a funny way of sitting, but she is also pretty consistent and diligent about getting her sitting time done. If it’s for about forty minutes each day, we wonder if she thinks it’s comfortable, or if she just does it out of habit.

Anytime, anywhere

Whatever the reason, Peace likes to sit down like this for a good amount of time every day in lots of different places, whether it’s on the floor, on the couch, or in an office chair.

Here, she looks like she’s lounging in a chair at work. The caption on this picture said:

“So, Peace has a question about that report.”

Cat sitting in an office chair
Peace sits in her office chair, looking very important. Pic credit: u/madbelka/Reddit

She looks so official. We wonder what kind of feedback she would give if she were our boss. She’s probably just demanding more attention and treats.

Pierre’s quirks

Peace also has a cat brother named Pierre who is just a little bit weird too. He may not sit like his sister, but he does like to stand.

Cat standing up in the corner of a house
Pierre looks pretty funny when he stands up. Pic credit: u/madbelka/Reddit

That’s another pose that looks a lot like a human. Maybe these silly cats are just trying to copy their owner.

Pierre also likes warm things, including cups full of hot tea. The tea may be too hot for him to touch directly, but he likes to feel the warm cup on his head.

Cat with a cup of tea on his head
Pierre enjoys the warmth of the tea on his head. Pic credit: u/madbelka/Reddit

Peace and Pierre might be a pair of slightly odd kitties, but that’s what makes them so great. Their personalities and quirks are hilarious, and we’re sure their owner and the Reddit cat community wouldn’t have it any other way.

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