Calico cat sitting in funny position

Hilarious cat likes to sit down like a human every day

Cats are pretty hilarious sometimes, and some of them even have quirks that make them extra funny. This cat owner is blessed with a beautiful cat who loves to sit in the funniest way. Sit like a human Peace is just a normal cat…mostly. She does normal cat things, like eat and sleep and cuddle, … Read more

Ragdoll cat sitting near vacuum cleaner

This cat always sits next to the vacuum cleaner, and its owner wants to know why

When it’s time to clean the house, this cat gives its owner some trouble by sitting right by the vacuum cleaner when it’s out. Although the cat hates it and all the scary noises it makes, it still insists on sitting by it while it’s still off. A vacuum cat conundrum This must create a … Read more

Two images : one of a ragdoll kitten, the other of a woman wearing a sunhat and sunglasses.

This writer travels the world for free through cat-sitting

An Australian woman has found a great way to travel for less: she minds people’s cats in the cities she visits, and in exchange, she gets free accommodation. This trick has saved her $28,000 since she started traveling. Her name is Madolline Gourley, and she is a 32-year-old Australian writer from Brisbane who enjoys traveling. … Read more