Homeowner stunned to find new house is already occupied by two cats 

New homeowner Julia Davis got a big surprise after purchasing her new house — when she discovered that she had unwittingly also inherited two cats.

The two kitties, which Davis named Roof and Coop, have become TikTok sensations as their journey from being abandoned by the previous homeowners to becoming the newest members of the Davis family has been closely documented via uplifting video updates.

‘House I’m moving into literally came with a cat’

In a video posted on her TikTok account, which has now garnered over twenty million views, Davis shared her surprise upon realizing that a cat was already residing in the home that she had just purchased in Birmingham, Alabama. In the popular video she tells her viewers:

“I’m moving into a new house and I figured out that the house I’m moving into literally came with a cat.”

@julia_adavis Drop name suggestions in the comments! Bonus-I really like names that are nouns or names that have shorter nicknames that end in the “e” sound #names #cat ♬ original sound – Julia Davis

Coop, a white short hair, was the first to make himself known to the new owners and it was only after he had lovingly captured their hearts that he introduced his much more timid brother Roof, a black short hair, to them. 

After realizing that she now had two cats sleeping in her garden and meowing at her door to come inside, Davis made inquiries with her new neighbors and discovered that the cats had belonged to the home’s previous owner who had simply left them behind.

Owners packed up and left without their cats

Davis shared via her video updates that her heart broke when she heard that the two cats, who were now in a bad state of health, had paced up and down in front of the house that they once called their own after their owners packed up and left without them.

According to Davis in one of her much-viewed videos, she didn’t think twice about adding the two abandoned cats to her family which already includes a beloved cat and dog. She is even shown addressing one of the cats directly and asking:

“Is this your house too? Would you like to come inside?”

Love and care required

After asking her TikTok viewers for suggestions, Roof and Coop were named after the areas they enjoyed sitting on in the garden – the roof and the inside of an old chicken coop. Both cats were showing signs of neglect; appearing undernourished and covered in scratches and bumps, clearly requiring much love and care.

After taking the cats to the vet, Davis shared that Coop was in a worse way than Roof and would need serious medical care as the vet suspected that he might have developed heartworm, a disease that without treatment can prove fatal in cats. 

A dangerous diagnosis

The recommended treatment for this dangerous condition is the surgical removal of the heartworms that have embedded themselves within the cat’s heart or adjacent blood vessels.

Facing vet bills that could number in the thousands, Davis shared a video where she became emotional about the fact that she might not be able to afford Coop’s essential care, saying:

“Having a bleeding heart and a budget don’t necessarily go hand in hand.”

TikTok to the rescue

Viewers who had become invested in the journey of the two cats who had been cruelly left behind rushed to the rescue and collectively raised over two thousand dollars to cover their numerous vet bills.

Davis expressed her awe and gratitude at the selfless kindness of strangers in a heartfelt video where she shared these words of appreciation, thanking her viewers for helping Coop in his time of need: 

“I feel so relieved knowing that no matter what kind of medicine he needs or what we’re gonna need to get him healthy, I can afford it.”

Contributions towards the two cats’ medical bills were found to be much needed when the vet discovered that both Coop and Roof were suffering from the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and would need to be on long-term medication.

@julia_adavis Getting them treated and their future treatments (although it don’t know the costs of their preventative care yet) would not be possible without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart #coopkitty #coopandroof ♬ original sound – Julia Davis

A new life

Davis continues to keep viewers updated on Coop and Roof’s progress on her Tiktok and has promised that no matter what happens she will ensure that the two unexpected tenants that she and her family inherited will always be protected and cared for by them.

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