Kitten’s ‘tail meter’ goes up and down when he fills up on milk

An abandoned kitten named Oboe needed around-the-clock bottle feedings when he was first rescued. Thankfully, his “tail meter” would let his handlers know when his belly tank was full on fuel.

The orange tabby was found with six of his siblings when he was just 10-days-old. The litter was covered in dirt and lots of these little angels had eye infections.

Kitkat Playroom Founder Jen Mack took them in and gave them the constant care that they required. They finally started to pluck up after a few days of bottle feedings.

The tail meter

Mack said she was relieved when Oboe began taking formula from the bottle. It was then that she knew he was going to be OK.

She noticed two things about Oboe. The first was his intense will to live and determination to get healthy and strong.

Mack also noticed that he had a peculiar quirk compared to his brothers and sisters. One that actually helped her to care for him.

“When Oboe was a tiny baby, he would start nursing from the bottle with his tail straight up to the ceiling. As he filled up, his ‘tail meter’ would slowly go down. He has always loved food,” Mack told LoveMeow.

It wasn’t a surprise that Oboe grew to weigh more than any of his five other siblings. He earned the nickname “Chunker” and would often ask for seconds and thirds on his bottles. Oboe always made sure that he was the first to be fed.

“He had this deep, loud, powerful meow that didn’t sound like a tiny 2-week-old kitten,” Mack explained.

Oboe won’t stop eating until his tail meter goes all the way down and his belly tank is topped off. In terms of his personality, Oboe already thinks he’s a tough guy.

While his siblings like to cuddle with their teddy bears, Oboe puts his tiny kitten machismo on full display by attacking and flinging his bear around the room.

“As a baby, he pulled a teddy bear around the room with his teeth. He loves to climb your back and perch on your shoulder. Oboe is the clamberiest climber who ever climbed,” Mack said.

A lover and a fighter

But Oboe is really a very sweet boy at heart. He loves running up to Mack and her staff for hugs and snuggles.

“He adores laying in a lap getting belly rubs. He’s got a rumbly loud purr that vibrates your whole lap,” said Mack. “Like most bottle babies, Oboe most certainly loves his humans, and he will love to get plenty of lap and snuggle time from you.”

Oboe and his siblings are currently up for adoption with Kitkat Playroom. You can learn more about Kitkat Playroom on Facebook and Instagram.

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