Three kittens with two eyes between them find forever home together

With only two eyes between the three of them, Dolly, Molly, and Polly can’t see each other all that well. But they still have an incredibly close bond.

That’s why everyone was so grateful when the sisters were all adopted into the same forever home.

The girls were brought into Cats Protections’ Atherton and Wigan Branch at 8-weeks-old with significant damage to their eyes.

Sisters three

The damage was believed to have been caused by an untreated infection. It was determined that they would all need surgery.

Both of Dolly’s eyes were removed, while Molly and Polly only need one eye removed.

The sisters were fostered by Branch Coordinator Diane Leather during their recovery.

“With medication and much TLC, they recovered to become lovely, playful girls with their own personalities. I was amazed at how Dolly adapted to life with no sight,” Leather told Leigh Journal.

Once the girls healed and were healthy enough, they were transferred to Warrington Adoption Centre to be adopted. Their staff was concerned about splitting these girls up.

Especially, leaving Dolly without one of her sisters. Special needs cats aren’t often the first pick of your typical adopter.

So, they felt that having someone offer to adopt two would be a long stretch. Thankfully, their worries were unfounded.

“So, we were delighted to learn someone had fallen in love with all three and offered them a home where they could stay together; it’s been amazing to hear how well they’ve settled in,” said Leather.

The girls were adopted by Su Taylor, who was looking to adopt a new cat after she just lost two of her beloved pets.

“I had just lost Horrie, who was 17, and before that I had Bitty for 20 years, and I was devastated. I hated coming home to silence,” Taylor said. “I didn’t really have a particular idea of what sort of cat I wanted except for it being an indoor one as I have a busy road outside.”

Taylor never had a cat with special needs before and was a little intimidated when it came to providing for their needs.

But she got lots of helpful advice at the adoption center and decided to take the plunge. Now, she doesn’t regret a thing.

“I have ended up with three beautiful, loving, mad cats who make me smile every day,” said Taylor.

New home, new names, new life

Taylor’s girls, who she has renamed, are blossoming in her loving care.

“Polly is now Blink and, due to some nasal damage, I now live with someone who snuffles and sounds like she has a really bad cold; she definitely can’t sneak up on anyone. I’ve named Molly TLC, after the band’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’, and Dolly became Team – as there’s no I in team. Despite having no eyes, Team is absolutely fearless and is living her best life, quite often jumping around when a toy isn’t even there.”

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