Meet Hamlet the 12th resident feline at NYC’s famous Algonquin Hotel

Hamlet, a stray cat from Long Island, wanted to live a glamorous New York City life. So, he went out and got himself one. Hamlet now lives a life of luxury as The Algonquin Hotel‘s twelfth resident feline.

The famous and pet-friendly hotel started its tradition of having a resident feline in the 1920s. Time Out reports that it began when a stray waltzed right into the hotel.

The orange tabby was named Rusty and was welcomed as a permanent resident. However, actor John Barrymore decided that Rusty was a little too plain.

A tradition born

Rusty was renamed Hamlet in honor of the role Barrymore was currently playing on Broadway. A tradition was born, and The Algonquin Hotel would rescue a new cat every time the previous cat passed on.

Every male resident cat is always named Hamlet, and the females are named Matilda. So far, there have been eight Hamlets and three Matildas.

It had been 40 years since the hotel last housed a Hamlet prior to Hamlet VIII taking up residency. Hamlet VIII, also an orange tabby, was found living among a feral colony and brought to the Bideawee shelter.

The shelter then reached out to the hotel. Now, you’ll find Hamlet VIII hanging out at the front desk and office area while greeting guests.

“He has his breakfast, and then he’ll wander around. He’ll sit at the desk. He’ll look at the guests. He’ll greet the guests. He’ll have a nap. He’ll get up. He’ll have some water, have a couple of treats. He’ll look at a few more guests. He really does enjoy meeting the guests,” Alice de Almeida, the hotel’s chief cat officer told Time Out.

Living in luxury

Hamlet likes getting brushed, birthday parties, and hosting fashion show fundraisers. The hotel’s resident cat hosts one every August.

“And that’s basically the biggest. I mean, you never know what will pop up or who’ll come in or whatever. We get visitors from all over. He even does social media stuff with dogs. He’s not prejudiced,” Almeida said.

People love to shower Hamlet with gifts when they visit the hotel. Sometimes people visit the hotel just to see Hamlet. He gets presents from all over the world.

He’s gotten four oil paintings, bowls customized with his name on them, bow ties, and regular ties. Hamlet has also received marriage proposals from other cats. But as of now, he’s still a bachelor.

You can keep up with this fancy cat by checking out his Instagram @thealgonquincat.

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