This curious stray cat joins an international nomad couple in their van life travels and never leaves.

International adventuring couple Ladi and Margaret travel the world full-time in their campervan. One day while parked in Croatia, a curious stray cat approached the couple.

In a viral video posted on YouTube, this curious, friendly feline had made herself comfortable and at home in their campervan. The couple instantly bonded with the cat and gave her the name Millie.

This adorable calico cat just wanted love and attention.

Stuck like glue

In December 2018, this nomad couple was traveling in Croatia before heading to their next destination. While exploring the territory, Millie followed the couple everywhere.

Whether hiking the mountains or frolicking on the beach, Millie was always a few steps behind. However, seeing how their lifestyle keeps them on the move, this love affair would be short-lived as they had to move on to their next destination.

The couple felt leaving the cat Millie behind in her familiar territory was the best move to make.

Big mistake

While on the road to their Montenegro destination, the couple felt remorse about their decision and decided to turn back. They ventured over five hours back to find Millie.

When the campervan pulled up to the former location, Millie was there to greet them once again. Lodi and Margaret did not make the same mistake twice.

They took her in as their own for life. To the couple’s delight, she has fit right into their nomad lifestyle on the go.

Millie’s presence in their lives has only added value and unconditional love. She fit right in with their nomad lifestyle easily and kept the couple’s routine seamless.

Millie loves to take a front-row seat in the campervan’s front windshield while her dad drives to the next destination. This adventure cat doesn’t want to miss a beat.

This former duo-turned-trio is now family.

Lessons learned

Millie has shown this couple the flexibility and adaptability that animals have. They are intelligent and able to adjust to new territory.

Sharing a special bond and connection with an animal can’t be ignored. It’s destiny.

Wrap up

Choosing to live a life on the road comes with many unexpected adventures and surprises. When this international couple was approached by a curious stray cat one day, they did not expect their lives to be changed forever.

Millie chose this special nomad couple to be her family and formed an instant connection. Now all three share beautiful adventures around the world on the road.

On Instagram, you can follow Millie and her parents in their camper van adventures.

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