Meet Jack, the 17-year-old cat who beat cancer like a true warrior

Jack is his human’s best fur friend forever. At 17 years old, he has been by her side for a long time. His owner has difficulty finding the words to express how much she loves him. She has said:

“He’s my best friend….in fact other than my son I’ve loved him more than any other being.”

Jack also has two sons, Thud and OJ, who turned one year old this year. They are both Jack clones, since they look so much like their father. Their owner thinks they’re the most handsome cats in the world and loves all of them.

Jack is a very healthy and energetic cat for his age. He is very good in a harness and loves to go out on car rides and even swim. He also enjoys chilling with his two sons around the house.

Cat in a red harness rides in a car
Jack is a pro at riding in the car. Pic credit: u/Illustrious_Worry119/Reddit

Fighting cancer

But a few months ago, Jack’s owner was shocked to learn that he had cancer. She had found a lump on his shoulder and had taken him to several vets who thought it was nothing serious. But she followed her gut and pursued an actual result. He was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma.

When she learned that he had cancer, she was devastated. She was willing to do anything to save him. He was old but tough, and he was otherwise pretty healthy, so she decided to have him get radiation treatment.

She was worried, but she also had faith that Jack would beat the cancer like a champion. She shared pictures of him and his story on Reddit, saying that he was fighting cancer and was “gonna kick its a**.”

People responded with encouragement in the comments. They were rooting for Jack too, and they knew he wouldn’t give up without a fight.

Cat with shaved shoulder from surgery
Jack begins his fight against cancer. Pic credit: u/Illustrious_Worry119/Reddit


One month later, after some tough medical treatment and lots of love and support, Jack had done it. He had beaten cancer just like his owner knew he could. She announced on Reddit that he was cancer free.

The people who saw his story were overjoyed about his victory, and they showed it in the comments.

Jack certainly is a warrior. He fought cancer and won. We’re so glad that he gets to continue living his wonderful life with his two sons and an owner who loves him very much.

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