senior cat in cat condo

This sweet senior cat was surrendered by its family, but fate intervened. You’ll love what happens next

In a viral Tik Tok video posted in March, the story of one adorable senior cat went viral. With over 14 million views, this cat adoption story resonated with millions of animal lovers. Owner surrender Meet Mallie! Mallie is a ten-year-old senior cat whose owners surrendered her as they could no longer care for the … Read more

Ritz the cat. Delaware most famous pet, dies in his home

Ritz, the cat who returned after a sixteen-year absence, passed away in his home

Last summer, the story of a grey tabby cat named Ritz made the news nationwide. His owners finally found this grey moggy who ran away sixteen years ago in Delaware. The feline unbelievable journey had brought him the attention of a large number of media outlets. He appeared in newspaper articles and was prominently featured … Read more

Small calico senior cat

Meet Daisy, the senior kitty who overcame medical problems to live her best life

In one of our articles, you’ve already met BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” a rescue cat turned social media influencer. Now say hello to Daisy, another cat in BenBen’s family with a story of her own. Like BenBen, Daisy was a rescue cat. She joined the family early this year when her humans … Read more

sad eyed senior cat

This sad-eyed senior cat in New Jersey finally found his forever home after going viral on Tik Tok

In the summer of this year, TikTok user Denise @rescue_mama1 shared a post about the adoption efforts to get a sad-eyed senior cat named Frankie adopted. The vet tech and animal rescuer eagerly shared his story to help him reach the goal of finding his forever home where he could claim his spot on a couch of … Read more

tabby cat

A woman discovered her beloved cat is still alive after vanishing 9 years ago. What happens next will surprise you

Susan Moore’s beloved cat went missing nine years ago from her ranch in central California. To her astonishment, she received a phone call last month that would change her life. Her long-lost cat Harriet had been found over 1,000 miles away in Idaho alive and well. This remarkable rescue story is unique as not only … Read more

Cat and owner reunion touched hearts

A cat has the most heartwarming reunion with his owner after a month apart

A Canadian woman traveling for a month left her housecat under a friend’s care. When she returned, the puss greeted her with the warmest possible reception. The cat owner shared a video of the reunion on her Tiktok account, giving viewers fuzzy feelings. Going away for an extended period can be stressful, even worse if … Read more

Orange and white cat plays with a catnip pickle toy

18-year-old cat becomes a kitten again when he plays with his pickle toy

18 years old is a lot for a cat. Most cats at this age will spend most of the day lounging around and relaxing. This cat enjoys his share of relaxation, but when he got his paws on a catnip-filled pickle toy, he went wild, unleashing his inner kitten. Kitten with a pickle This cat, … Read more

ginger cat with volunteer

This 17-year-old senior orphan cat finds hope and love again in its final years.

In 2016, a senior ginger cat named Cinnamon lost everything. Her world suddenly changed when her parents and guardian angels passed away months apart. She was now an orphan cat. Abandoned and alone In a viral YouTube video, a volunteer with the non-profit Second Chance Animal Rescue Society in Greece (SCARS) recounts her experience with … Read more

Old gray cat cuddles with woman

Senior cat thanks owner for adopting him by cuddling her when she has Covid

This woman adopted a 20-year-old cat in poor condition. She took care of him until he was feeling much better, and he’s so grateful for it. Taking care of Magnus Jessica is the founder of the nonprofit Boomer’s Buddies Rescue, and she has several pets of her own that she has given a home. For … Read more