Precious tabby cat miraculously reunites with its owner after 11 years apart

In an inspiring story from the United Kingdom, a beloved family tabby cat went missing for eleven years has finally been reunited with its mother this summer.

Ziggy goes missing

Tabby cat Ziggy first went missing back in 2011. At the time, he was a one-year-old kitten.

Eleven years ago, her cat went out one day and never returned. His owner Ruth Orme, of Royston, was left heartbroken. She and her family had the adorable feline for just under one year when he went missing.

When she discovered he’d gone missing, she tried to find him. Calling his name, coaxing him by rattling his food bag outside, posting flyers in town, and following up on leads proved unsuccessful.

Losing hope

As more time passed, her efforts proved to be fruitless, and her hope diminished. Ironically, unbeknownst to Orme, Ziggy hadn’t strayed too far.

Some people had discovered Ziggy about twenty minutes away from home. Neighbors of the unfamiliar area of town fed Ziggy.

baby kitten
Ziggy at one-year-old, eleven years ago. Pic Credit: MetroUK/ Website

Someone posted a video on the Facebook Royston reporting page.

Hope restored

A woman from a rescue group picked up Ziggy and had his microchip scanned.

Owner Ruth Orme’s boyfriend received a call on a Sunday that would change their lives forever. Ziggy was found.


After eleven years from home, Ziggy’s owner was unsure what to expect. Amazingly, the cat was in pretty good condition to her delight.

And his temperament had remained the same as she remembered. Although he is much larger now, Ziggy still loves to cuddle.

tabby cat on sofa
Ziggy, the tabby cat, still has the same temperament after so many years. Pic Credit: MetroUK/ Website

He has remained the same lovable cat after so many years. The family remained overjoyed to have him back.

Ziggy has settled into home life with his family again. As a bonus, he gained a new sibling cat named Freddie.

Fortunately, the union has been relatively smooth.

Wrap up

A typical day turned into a nightmare for one cat owner when her beloved cat went missing for over a decade. With a bit of luck and the kindness of strangers, Ziggy the lost cat didn’t stray too far and fell into the right hands.

He miraculously reunited with his family eleven years later with a scan and a phone call. Despite all the odds against this family, this experience demonstrates there is always a glimmer of hope.

cat with owner woman
Ziggy and owner, Ruth Omre reunited at last. Pic Credit: MetroUK/ Website

What did you think of this phenomenal reunion story? Have you ever lost your cat? Do you have a reunion story of your own?

Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to share this inspiring story with a friend.

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