Meet Truffles the eyewear ambassador helping kids feel confident in glasses

Changing lives and influencing the next generation of children with her stylish frames, Truffles is a sassy tuxedo cat who is helping children get comfortable with wearing glasses.

Growing up from childhood into adulthood is a rollercoaster of experiences, there are ups and downs and twists and turns.

From a child’s point of view, a small problem may seem like an impassable mountain leaving them feeling scared and hopeless. Regardless of what problems one may face, there is always a solution.

A solution that may be found in a place you least expect.

From rescue cat to hero

Tucked away in the small town of Mechanicsburg, just a few miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a tuxedo cat is making waves and is the talk of the town.

Rescued in 2016 by her owner Danielle Crull, Truffles found her forever home and much more.

Truffles is a very smart cat who can do tricks like ‘high-five’ and ‘sit.’

And as of 2018, she now models glasses and eyepatches.

Owner Danielle Crull, an American Board of Opticianry Master-Certified Optician, owns a children’s eyewear company called A Child’s Eyes in Pennsylvania.

The company provides corrective eyeglasses, patches, and eyewear to children as young as four months old to five years.

Visiting the eye doctor can be an intimidating experience for a child. They are often shy, scared, or embarrassed by the idea of having to get corrective glasses.

Learning to adapt to wearing new glasses can impact a child’s confidence.

Never fear, here comes Truffles to the rescue!

Inspiring kids with confidence

One of the surprising talents Truffles has is modeling eyewear, this sassy tuxedo cat doesn’t mind showing off her stylish frames.

Seeing how stylish Truffles is in her glasses motivates the children visiting to gain the confidence to pick their own pair of corrective lenses too.

Truffles even stars in her own educational videos and shows kids what eye charts are. She demonstrates how to pick glasses and to wear sunglasses when outside.

Truffles enjoys wearing her multiple stylish frames and interacting with others and her ability to help children gain newfound confidence is life-changing for families.

Inspiring one person at a time, this friendly tuxedo cat is positively impacting the community!

You can follow Truffles’ adventures as an eyewear ambassador on her Instagram page.

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