Sirius is the Happy Cat

Meet Sirius aka Happy Cat, whose markings grant him a perpetual smile

Years ago, the late Grumpy Cat took over the internet and became a meme. Of course, everyone remembers the cat for his eternally annoyed but funny expression. If Grumpy Cat had a nemesis twin, it would definitely be a tuxedo cat named Sirius. Sirius was ten months old when his owners adopted him in October … Read more

Meet Dapper Daniel Diapurrman – a special needs cat who has an incredible owner

Dapper Dan the Diapurrman was rescued from the streets with his siblings when he was six weeks old. The kittens were brought to a shelter where it was discovered that Dan was dragging his back legs. Once volunteers at the shelter realized that Dan’s back legs were paralyzed, they called The Orphan Kitten Club to … Read more

Two images: one of a black and white cat and one of the bronze statue of the cat.

Meet Félicette, the first cat to travel into outer space and back

After Kiddo, the first airborne cat, here’s the story of another feline who made history: Félicette, the tuxedo cat. Félicette is the first puss sent into space and to have returned alive as a passenger of the Véronique rocket launched on October 18th, 1963, from the Sahara. This French cat was retrieved after ten minutes … Read more

A black kitten sits close to a tortoiseshell kitten.

Orphaned kitten builds an incredible bond with another lonely kitten at a rescue center

A kitten named Cinco arrived at an animal shelter with health issues. There, she struck up a long-lasting friendship with another cat. Cinco, known as Cici, had a difficult start. The kitten lost her mom and was brought to a first shelter but they didn’t have the proper equipment to feed her when she arrived … Read more

Two images: One of a black and white cat, one of two wedding rings.

A woman ‘marries’ her cat to prevent a landlord from separating them

A surreal event occurred in a London city park in April 2022: a woman married her cat. The wedding took place for a specific reason. The practice of some landlords inserting a no-pets clause in their lease agreements is well-known. However, for Deborah Hodge, a 46-year-old Londoner, this type of clause has come with a … Read more

A black and white tuxedo cat wearing glasses

Meet Truffles the eyewear ambassador helping kids feel confident in glasses

Changing lives and influencing the next generation of children with her stylish frames, Truffles is a sassy tuxedo cat who is helping children get comfortable with wearing glasses. Growing up from childhood into adulthood is a rollercoaster of experiences, there are ups and downs and twists and turns. From a child’s point of view, a … Read more

A black cat surrounded by toys.

This tuxedo cat has stolen the internet’s heart by carrying around his ‘stuffies’

Harpo, a 13-year-old tuxedo cat, caught the attention of the internet when his owner started to share videos of him carrying his soft toys, or ‘stuffies’, around. He also ‘sings’ – meowing with his mouth full – while waddling because of the awkward position he has to carry the big toys in his mouth. Some … Read more