Nosy cat caught eavesdropping on his neighbors

Simsim is a one-year-old Persian cat who is making the rounds on the internet for his nosy nature, as his owner filmed him spying on the neighbors who were arguing. Watch the accompanying video for a good laugh!

Cats can be many things including; agile, affectionate, and playful but most of all they are curious. In fact, this is the trait that is most associated with them.

As any cat owner will tell you, a cat has an insatiable curiosity that can lead them into trouble. Remember the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat!’? It didn’t come out of thin air!

Felines are naturally observant, they love to spend time peering out of windows and they hear and see everything going on outside from birds singing to passers-by, or even just raindrops falling on windows.

Simsim who lives in his owner’s apartment in Bangkok, Thailand is no different, he likes to keep tabs on everything.

Big brother is watching

While he was playing in his apartment little Simsim was intrigued by a scene that took place in his building.

There were noises coming out of an open window, fortunately for Simsim his cat tree was standing next to the window and he was able to jump onto it to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

The neighbors were having a heated argument right below the cat’s window and Simsim took the opportunity to observe the scene without being noticed.

His owner caught him glued to the window and as any good cat mom would, she filmed a video to document her kitty’s funny moment. In the video, you can see that the tomcat is clearly absorbed by the drama unfolding downstairs.

Simsim’s curiosity even overrides his fear, as for a moment he is a little frightened by the rising tone between the drama’s two protagonists but he quickly returns to peeping out at what is happening through the window.

Tickled by her cat’s interest in the scene, his owner concludes that Simsim behaves just like her; he loves some good gossip.

Curiosity helps your cat survive

Although Simsim’s curiosity may simply seem like a fun characteristic, research proves that a cat’s curiosity goes way beyond that.

Their curious nature is born from survival instincts, traits developed when their ancestors had to survive in the wild. Although felines are naturally reserved, their curiosity contributes to their safety.

Surprisingly just like us, they can experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and in cats, FOMO is enough to trigger their curiosity and drive them to discover what they’re missing.

So let Simsim do his thing!

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