Rescue with ‘resting cat face’ is the sweetest despite her mean mug

Angelina gets a bad rap. While she has what is known as “resting cat face,” she’s actually a very sweet-tempered cat.

Still, her mean-looking mug has made it difficult for her to find a forever home after she was rescued.

Angelina has been in the care of the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services in Texas for over a month.

Resting cat face

Upon first glance, Angelina appears to have a “grumpy” or “mean” cat complex. You wouldn’t blame her if you heard what she had been through.

Angelina was found on the side of the access road to Highway 90. The poor thing was both injured and terrified.

It appeared that she had suffered from road rash. Thankfully, she was rescued and given the medical treatment she needed.

“A good Samaritan found her stranded along the access road of HWY 90, terrified with injuries that looked suspiciously like road rash. Mr. H carefully scooped her up and brought her to ACS,” the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services wrote on their Facebook page.

Angelina survived her injuries and was doing well in the shelter’s care. She gained weight and began to heal.

“Now that she’s been in our care for a month, Angelina has become a staff favorite with her unique charm and endless purrs. However, her patience is getting thin. Our sweet girl deserves the most loving home.”

But when she was ready to be up for adoption, she didn’t get any bites. Angelina’s “crotchedy” looks gave people the wrong impression of her personality.

Wrong impression

“It’s really heartbreaking to see people pass Angelina by just because they think she’s not a nice cat,” said shelter manager Heather Guthrie. “She’s actually so sweet and purrs a lot. We like to say that frown she has is just her resting cat face or RCF!” 

The shelter staff is hoping the right family will come along and give Angelina a forever home.

“Too many pets get passed on because people have ideas of what they think shelter pets are,” said Guthrie. “They can be big, or they can be small. They may even be what some people call ugly. But they’re just like us. All they want is to give love and get it.” 

You can apply to adopt Angelina or learn more about the animals up for adoption with the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services here.

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