Video of a cat devouring corn on the cob goes viral

Juice the cat loves corn! His owner posted a video on TikTok of him devouring some corn on the cob, and it went viral.

Crazy for corn

Juice is a fluffy orange cat whose TikTok videos always make people laugh. He likes to meow, and he loves food, so it’s no surprise that he would love to eat corn.

Juice’s owner posted the video early in September. Now it has over 200K likes, and it has been spread over multiple social media platforms. People just love to watch Juice devour the corn like it’s the last thing he’s going to eat.

He’s not afraid to get his paws dirty too, holding onto the corn for maximum corn-eating ability.

People have also found it funny that he enjoys his yummy treat while his dog brother stands by, watching. The dog’s eyes seem to say, “Can I have some too?” But we don’t think Juice is going to share. He’s enjoying himself too much.

Juice’s story

Juice has been on TikTok since July. That’s not a very long time, but he has already captured the hearts of all his followers.

He was first adopted by his owner about nine months ago after being surrendered to an emergency clinic by his previous owner, who couldn’t take care of his medical needs. He was very sick, and the vets taking care of him weren’t sure he would make it. But his owner decided to take the chance and adopt him.

Juice started getting better after a week in his new home, gaining more energy and warming up to his dog siblings. Now he’s a happy, healthy, and very playful orange fluffball.

Cat and dad

His owner’s dad originally said that he didn’t want his daughter getting a cat. She adopted Juice anyway, since he needed help and someone to love him.

Not surprisingly, Juice’s adorable personality charmed his owner’s dad, and now they share such a sweet bond. The dad even bought Juice his own wallet to hold his allowance. That’s one loved and spoiled kitty!


He’s showing him the amazon recipet for his new wallet😭 #cat #dadsoftiktok #dad #richboycheck

♬ original sound – juice

Juice wants food!

Juice loves food, and he’ll do anything to get it. He was trained to do a few tricks in exchange for treats, and he even comes running when his owner takes out the nail clippers, since he knows he’ll get a treat if he behaves. Most cats will run away at the sight of nail clippers, but not Juice. He just loves treats too much!

Juice also gets food by asking for it loudly. He is a very vocal cat, usually when he wants food. His owner usually shares some food with him, like the corn on the cob that he chows down on in his viral video.

Juice is a happy, fluffy cat. He gets to enjoy delicious corn and plenty of other treats and fun times in his loving home, and his followers love to see it.

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