Rexi, an expressive paraplegic cat, lives his life to the fullest each day

Rexie might only have two working legs, but that doesn’t stop him from living his best life each day. Rexie’s suffered an injury that broke his backbone due to being mistreated by his previous owners.

The injury left Rexie paralyzed in his hind legs and with other health problems. But Rexie learned to adapt to living with the use of only two legs. His adoptive mom, Daria Minaeva, suspects that he might not even realize he’s disabled.

He runs, climbs, and plays just like any other cat. Rexie likes to pounce on bugs and chase after balls. When it’s time to relax, he’ll lay by the window watching the birds or on his favorite spot on the carpet.

Like other cats, not like other cats

There is one thing, however, that he does differently than other cats. And that’s sit. He sits like a human on his cute little tabby bum.

He is also unable to use the bathroom on his own or scratch his own ears. But his mom doesn’t mind helping with that.

You’ll almost always find Rexie with a big smile on his face. If he’s not wearing a smile, he’s wearing some other incredibly expressive look on his big handsome face.

Those expressions earned him the nickname of “Cat-King of Bleps” and “living emoji.” Minaeva loves taking photos of her passionate boy.

“The outcomes are never disappointing!” she told Bored Panda.

Rexie is also a momma’s boy. He loves his mommy more than just about anything else.

“He’s a snuggle bug, and he likes to knead and hug,” Minaeva told Love Meow.

Rexie receives physiotherapy to improve his function and movement. That’s helped him to be able to use a cat wheelchair to get around.

Rexie’s wheelchair allows him to run around and play outside and go on walks with mom. But he doesn’t really use it as much anymore.

“He does way much better without [it.] Cats are very independent and adjust perfectly. Rexie is more mobile and comfortable walking and running on his two feet,” Minaeva explained to Bored Panda.

Rexie is always up for an adventure and doesn’t let anything stop him. He is the purrfect example of how living with a disability doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your life.

Purrfect example

 “Life fails to be perfect but never fails to be beautiful,” Minaeva said.

Rexie is so darn adorable you can spends hours just scrolling through Rexie photos online. You can follow this inspirational cutie on his Instagram page @rexiecat.

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