Flirty cat gamed neighbors for treats for years until finally becoming an indoor cat

Chubby Hubby was “a man about town” who charmed different neighborhood households into feeding him. He spent many years living the high life as a tomcat until he learned just how sweet being an indoor cat could be.

Chubby Hubby was found looking worst for wear and taken into Exploits Valley SPCA for help. He was soaking wet from a rain storm, had lots of wounds from fighting, and had a limp.

The chunky big boi wasn’t used to having physical contact with humans and was very nervous and wary of the folks at the rescue.

Treats on treats

But after being coaxed with some treats, Chubby Hubby began to ease up.

He allowed the staff to pet him and felt comfortable catching up on some Z’s.

Being the charmer that he is, Chubby Hubby would chirp every time he wanted a treat. The staff was quickly smitten by the handsome boy.

“He was quick to purr and gobbled the treats like there was no tomorrow. He has the cutest little squawk meow that makes it hard not to do whatever he asks,” Sarah MacLeod of¬†Exploits Valley SPCA¬†told Love Meow.

In addition to feeding the tabby, they offered him medical attention. They discovered that his limp was from an old injury that healed funny leaving him with a hobble.

“Hubby says it only adds to his character and ability to get extra treats,” MacLeod explained.

One of the rescue’s volunteers named Katherine offered to foster Chubby Hubby.

“As soon as I brought him home, I settled him into my spare room downstairs. He had a full room to himself and a big queen-sized bed. Hubby had spent most of his time as a tomcat, so I knew it would be slow and steady,” Katherine said.

Chubby Hubby enjoyed his freedom. So, he only likes being pet when he wanted to be petted. Not when people decided that they wanted to pet him.

A man about the house

“He’d like for me to wait til he decided he wanted some attention before he’d come rub against my arm or my leg,” Katherine said.

But if she really needs something from Chubby Hubby, all she had to do was pull out some treats. Eventually, Chubby Hubby began to trust his foster family more and be more affectionate with them.

“He stopped running away from the door when I entered and started greeting me. He’s learned that if he meows (or chirps) loud enough, someone will open the door and give him some attention,” Katherine said.

Chubby Hubby soon learned that there were lots of advantages to being an indoor cat. Besides all the treats.

He absolutely loves being brushed and plops right over when it’s time for a combing. He also learned that houses have all sorts of cool stuff inside them, like bathrooms.

“He likes to watch the toilet water being flushed and he always watches my son in the bathtub, standing with two paws on the tub’s edge. He really is so precious and attentive,” Katherine said. “Hubby is a true example that stray cats can trust and love.”

Thanks to Katherine’s patience Chubby Hubby settled into his new life as an indoor cat and now knows what unconditional love is.

A post from May 2022 showed that Chubby Hubby was looking for a feline-free forever home. Learn more about Chubby Hubby and other Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables on Facebook.

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