Sad faced cat starts grinning when she finds a new home

Though Kate Perillo fell in love with Sad Mouth Sam’s unique frown, she was happy to turn it upside down by giving him a forever home. In Perillo’s care, the Siamese cat was able to get the treatments needed to cure the condition that created her grimace.

Once Perillo spotted Sad Mouth Sam’s large lips and crossed eyes online, she “got that feeling.” She knew she needed to adopt her even though the cat was living across the country in Tucson, Arizona.

Perillo and her mom had owned Siamese cats who passed away in 2015. Her mother followed in 2017. So, Perillo felt that adopting Sad Mouth Sam would be a great way to offer this kitty a new life and be reminded of those she loved.

Sad face to glad face

She had hesitated for several years to adopt a cat after hers had passed away, but she knew the time had come as soon as she had seen Sad Mouth Sam’s silly face.

So, she flew all the way from Massachusetts to pick up Sad Faced Sam in Arizona. Sad Mouth Sam was found living in a feral cat colony in Poet Square in Tucson.

Her big pout was caused by an eosinophilic granuloma complex, which is an inflammatory skin condition. The allergic reaction, caused by food or the environment, causes the mouth to inflame and become enlarged.

“With a steroid shot, an antibiotic and the move indoors, her mouth healed within a couple of months,” Perillo told The Dodo. “She’s missing three of those little teeth in front, but that doesn’t bother her.”

The treatment completely changed Sam’s face. Now she looks like a happy cat that’s always smiling. Sam loves her new home as much as Perillo loves her.

Her favorite pastimes are watching the birds out of her favorite window and lying in the sunshine on an enclosed balcony. She also enjoys playing with toys.

Circle of love

“She’s very smart and vocal, willing to hold back-and-forth conversations with humans and communicate what she wants,” Perillo said. “If she wants you to wave the feather wand, she’ll meow, lead you to the wand, and then use both paws to grab and lift it by the handle, showing exactly what she wants you to do.”

And as much as Perillo has done to give Sam a happy life, Sam has done the same for her new mom.

“They say pets are good for you, especially your mental health, and I can confirm that’s been true for me,” Perillo said. “After my mom’s death, having Sam feels like a small way of keeping my mom alive, too.”

You can follow up on these two on Instagram @sadmouthsam.

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