Students shocked by what’s pulled out of the ceiling after hearing strange noise

Mice or some squirrels would have been more likely. But the students at a Northern California high school never expected the peculiar sound coming from the ceiling to be a couple of kittens.

The visitation made for an exciting day in the classroom to say the least. The high school students were attending to their studies when a bizarre noise was emanating from the air vents.

After listening more closely, they learned that the sounds were tiny kitten cries. The school’s maintenance staff discovered some cats on the roof near an air conditioning unit.

Dancing on the ceiling

The maintenance staff quickly got to work setting a trap to try and catch them. While they were able to capture the mom the following morning, there was no signs of the kittens.

They couldn’t leave these kittens without their momma so they let the mom go so she could be with them. That left the school staff having to come up with a Plan B.

Two days went by before the maintenance staff was able to rescue three kitens. But even after that, school counselors said that they still heard meows coming through the vents.


What is happening here? Worth the watch.

♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Standing up on a chair, the maintenance staff was able to open up the ceiling to try and locate the kitties. Two babies were pulled from the ceiling.

“The counseling staff and a student office aide were in disbelief as our awesome campus maintenance man, Jake, was able to locate them and cut them out of the ceiling,” school counselor Jeremiah Jones told The Dodo. “The kittens seemed hungry and were crying out as they were rescued.”

The kitty family was evaluated, and all were found healthy. The cats didn’t need to head to the shelter to be adopted.

Each of the cats was sent home with local families. The school and its students were very thankful to the maintenance and counseling staff for helping to rescue the cats.

Raining cats

“He didn’t know delivering kittens was a part of his job. Thanks, Jake,” Jones wrote in his TikTok video.

Jones posted a video of the rescue on TikTok where it went viral.

“I thought he was going to start pulling out bats! Kittens are so much better,” said one commenter.

“I’d name one of them AC,” said one commenter.

There were also references to “The Office.”

“It’s just Angela bringing her cats to the office again,” a TikToker said.

“Save Bandit,” another replied.

Everyone was just very happy to see this story have a happy ending for this kitten family.

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