Senior cats fall in love and go on a special romantic date

It didn’t take long for senior cats Polly and Elliot to fall in love after they met. They decided to make that love official with a very romantic date.

Sarah adopted Polly from The Patricia H. Ladew Foundation when she was 15-years-old. The senior cat was extremely thin, matted, and deaf.

She also had an autoimmune condition. Sarah didn’t expect Polly to be very active.

Finding a friend

Yet, Polly surprised her with kitten-like energy when she arrived at her new loving home. Sarah was also taken aback by Polly’s loud Chewbacca-like meow.

The senior cat quickly became the queen of Sarah’s household. Though Sarah did have other cats in the house, Polly had trouble relating to them.

Especially the younger cats. But Sarah was determined to find Polly a friend. That’s when she adopted Elliot about a year after she adopted Polly.

Not only were they adopted from the same foundation but they were around the same age. Elliot was also in poor condition like Polly.

Elliot made himself right at home when he arrived at Sarah’s. Just like Polly did!

“We started to notice him next to her within the first week or two,” Sarah told The Dodo. “They would just snuggle up together. I think he was just thrilled. He’s a real snuggle bunny, and she became, like, a kisser.”

Polly loves to clean Elliot, and Elliot loves being cleaned by Polly. He even leans his head down so she can get the job done in a certain way.

A romantic night

“It’s one of the sweeteset things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Sarah said. “I like to think that she saw herself in him. He was the little boyfriend that I never knew she needed.”

And Polly was everything that Elliot needed after being in an isolated situation. Sarah said it was an ideal situation for both of them.

“Meeting each other transformed their mindset,” Sarah said.

Elliot wanted to make he and Polly’s relationship official. So, he and Sarah decided that the two cats should go on a romantic date.

Sarah took Elliot to the pet store, which is one of his favorite places to go. He got Polly a nice rose, some cat wine, and her favorite treats.

Sarah laid out some treats and the wine on a fancy plate and lit some electric candles for atmosphere. And Elliot put on his best bow tie.

Elliot and Polly had the perfect romantic evening. Polly sniffed and sipped her cat wine and gobbled up the treats that her love got for her.

“They really had a great time,” Sarah said. “To see them bond is just incredible. It turned out to basically be a little fairy tale.”

You can follow Elliot and Polly’s fairytale life on Instagram at @meow_its_polly.

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