Kind store owner saves stray cat after it begged for help during heatwave

Amidst the scorching heat in Saudi Arabia, a stray cat had nowhere to hide. Eventually, the animal begged for help in front of a local business, where the compassionate owner opened the door to assist the overheated moggy.

The photographs have sparked awareness among Internet users, who have praised shopkeeper Rayan Algamadi‘s compassion toward this defenseless animal.

The heatwave plaguing many parts of the world affects not just humans but animals, particularly stray animals who cannot rely on human care.

Because they have no one to protect them, stray animals face numerous hazards. Despite this, some strays are fortunate enough to be taken in by a human with a good heart.

A stray cat needs help

As temperatures reached peaks across the Middle Eastern nation of Saudi Arabia, a cat showed out in front of a store to beg for assistance from the people passing by.

The store’s frontal surveillance cameras recorded the kitten’s desperate plea. Later the store owner Rayan Algamadi shared the recording on social media.

 In the video Algamadi was able to collect, a tired calico cat can be seen pounding on a glass door to access the building. It was probably trying to use the air conditioning and avoid dying of thirst.

This vision of hopelessness had a profound effect on Rayan. Without hesitation, the concerned man unlocked the door for the puss.

Once the door is open, the calico kitten swiftly slides into the store to get some relief. The poor cat had heat exhaustion and was struggling to breathe.

Algamadi uploaded the video to TikTok, where it quickly garnered thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments from users who lauded him for the kind act he performed with the cat.

Some commenters suggest Rayan adopt the puss. For example, TikToker  @ladyred_1210ladylet from Kuwait wrote:

“oh my !! Soo cute and adorable pls adopt that kind of cat pls give him a forever home give some food, give him water plss 🙏🇰🇼”

As a sign of appreciation, the cat makes nearly daily trips to the shop to hang out with Rayan Algamadi and, more significantly, to bask in the comfort of the store’s climate control system.

Protecting cats during heatwaves

Heat waves are defined as abnormally high temperatures that last for several days. However, there is no general description of the phenomenon: characterizing a heat wave differs depending on the region of the world and the fields studied.

As a result, care must be made to prevent heat stroke in your pets, particularly dogs and cats. Of course, when it’s hot, we’re the first to moan about how hot it is and how tough it is to cool down.

Imagine the experience for pets who cannot express themselves explicitly and have a thick hair coat. Animals, too, require cooling.

Sometimes, we must learn the proper reactions to safeguard our animals’ safety and comfort during heat waves. Keep in mind that heat can be very detrimental to animals.

High temperatures exhaust them and can lead to severe complications such as respiratory arrest, particularly in animals with constricted noses or lung illness.

Sweltering heat can potentially result in cardiac failure. Heat stroke, which can kill any caged animal, should also be avoided.

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