Sickly kitten walks up to house begging for homeowner to help her

An orphaned cat named Moxxie knew she was sick and needed help in order to survive. So, she walk straight up to a homeowner’s doorstep, begging until she got some.

But the homeowners knew they weren’t the best people to care for this very ill kitten. So, they called Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

The rescue agreed to take the ginger kitten in. One of their volunteers drove two whole hours one way just to pick her up.

In loving hands

The poor kitten was extremely malnourished and had several health issues. But she was at least safe now.

The kitten was so relieved to be in loving hands that she fell asleep in her carrier on the way to the rescue.

She was named Moxxie because of her will to fight and being able to survive on her own against all odds.

Moxxie was believed to be about 2-months-old and had an upper respiratory infection. Still, Moxxie was exceedingly affectionate and turned into a real rumble machine.

“Moxxie was treated for the URI, fleas, ear mites, and stomach issues. She was so hungry that she threw herself at the food bowl. She purred as soon as we put her on a heat source to help her regain strength. Moxxie hugged her warm water bottle and purred herself to sleep,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal told Love Meow.

Moxxie slept very well that night. It may have been the first time she could relax and rest in a safe environment.

After being kept clean, given medication, and eating well, Moxxie began to heal. When she was ready to socialize, she was introduced to a senior cat named Marscha.

The 21-year-old resident cat has helped to welcome countless kittens and cats into foster care over the years. Moxxie immediately warmed up to Marscha.

Cozy with new mom

She loved getting cozy next to the surrogate cat mom and falling asleep in her arms.

“We see that she is always looking for a ‘mom,’ and it comforts her to be near the resident cat,” Crom said. “Moxxie was lucky to have been found just in time that day. She wouldn’t have made it longer in that condition, alone outside.”

Marscha is very good at making sure that Moxxie knows that she is loved. Now Moxxie has everything she was looking for the day she knocked on that homeowner’s door.

You can follow Moxxie’s story on Facebook and Instagram.

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