Mother cat gives birth in a yard then asks homeowners to help her kittens

Queen Bee knew that she couldn’t care for her newborn kittens all on her own. So, she asked the family, in whose yard she gave birth in, if they could help.

The stray cat started visiting the Southern California family for food and water. She kept coming back when the family kept feeding her.

But this time when she came around, she seemed to have an urgency about her like she needed their help.

Born in the yard

The homeowners saw that Queen Bee was showing signs that she had given birth. And she did, right in their yard.

The homeowners ventured out into the yard to locate the kittens and saw that two of them weren’t doing so well.

They immediately brought the whole family inside to give them shelter and care. They saw that two of the babies weren’t doing so well.

Queen Bee loved on her kittens from the start. Pic credit: jenfosterskittens/Instagram

“The wonderful people got the mom and the babies cleaned up, and went and got a heating pad to help out the babies,” Jen Marder, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, told Love Meow.

The homeowners made a post on social media asking for help with the kitten family knowing those kittens needed special care.

Queen Bee always keeps her kitties close. Pic credit: jenfosterskittens/Instagram

 “I got them the next day, when the babies were one day old,” Marder said. “When they first arrived, the kittens were just tiny little peanuts. Mama was immediately friendly, sweet and purring. She is just an adorable doll.”

Queen Bee was a very good mom to her little bees. She fed them all well and kept their coats very clean.

Unfortunately, one of her babies didn’t survive, but the rest were thriving. They slowly began to open their eyes and become more active.

Pic credit: jenfosterskittens/Instagram
Queen Bee and her kittens are doing very well in their new home. Pic credit: jenfosterskittens/Instagram

They started venturing out of their nest while their mom kept a close eye on them. She loved on them very much.

“Queen Bee is such a good mama. She is so attentive, never straying too far from the little ones. She is constantly cuddling them with her arms wrapped around the babies. It melts me every time,” Marder said.

The beehive

Queen Bee is getting used to the indoor life and she and her babies are doing well.

“Mama is doing such a great job with her babies. She is going through food awfully fast as she fills herself up so she can feed these littles,” Jen said. “She has started coming out of the nest to greet me as the babies are getting a little bigger. She loves to twirl herself around my legs and rub against me. She is such a good girl who is going to make someone so very happy when she is adopted.”

Learn more about Wrenn Rescues on Instagram @wrennrescues and Marder and her fosters on Instagram @jenfosterskittens.

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