A grey-and-white kitten looking up.

Cats have a surprising superpower: the ability to track their owner’s location

Research has previously proven that cats possess impressive aptitudes, such as learning names. Now a recent cat study has discovered that felines can do much more. According to Japanese experts, cats can locate their owners on a mental map. A recent study undertaken by Saho Takagi, a doctorate student at the University of Tokyo, and … Read more

A tabby cat looking up at the camera.

Studies show cats memorize the names of their owners and cat friends

There’s a common belief that cats are antisocial and indifferent creatures, but this assumption has been challenged. A Japanese study has just shown that cats pay much more attention to humans and other cats than we think. Saho Takagi, an Azabu University fellow, led the research in collaboration with other campuses. Her team found out … Read more