Catception: a cat has intriguing markings resembling a cat

It’s a Catception! A cat’s coat creates a stunning illusion resembling another puss

 A tomcat’s intriguing coat has caused quite a commotion on Twitter after a user in Japan discovered it. His fur’s visual trickery has been referred to as Catception. The variety of spots, stripes, and colors found in cats’ haircoat, together with the patterns exclusive to each cat, are one of the most intriguing aspects of … Read more

A grey-and-white kitten looking up.

Cats have a surprising superpower: the ability to track their owner’s location

Research has previously proven that cats possess impressive aptitudes, such as learning names. Now a recent cat study has discovered that felines can do much more. According to Japanese experts, cats can locate their owners on a mental map. A recent study undertaken by Saho Takagi, a doctorate student at the University of Tokyo, and … Read more

Cats on Aoshima island, Japan

Cat islands of Japan: Where felines outnumber their human caretakers

There are dozens of islands off the coasts of Japan that known as ‘cat islands’. This is because the number of cats that live on these islands outnumber the humans living there. Aoshima for instance only had seven people living there as of 2021, and is reported to have over 10 cat residents for every … Read more