These adorable street cats receive second-hand toys, and you’ll love how they react

There is a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, the same can apply to cats.

In a popular Tik Tok post published October 7th by a user with the handle @the.wizard.of.cats, two feral cats are on a residence’s porch at night.

Street cats receive a gift.

One black cat and one white and gray feline are mesmerized by a large orange cone-shaped circular toy. They are curious and quickly figure out that the multi-levels of the toy have a small ball that runs along the track.

The two street cats play with the second-hand toy together with ease and delight to pass the time.

Feral cats vs. stray cats

Street cats come in two types typically. Feral cats are born outdoors and do not have the experience of human interaction and socialization.

They generally are not adopted due to a lack of human interaction. Stray cats, in contrast, often involve cats that have been lost or once belonged to a family and are familiar with human contact and socialization.

Fans react

The post on TikTok received over 380,000 views to date and delighted viewers and cat lovers. Many expressed how grateful these street cats appear.

🥰 “So sweet and sad at the same time.” – jennifer walter421

“Street cats appreciate and enjoys everything. House cats are entitled and picky.” – Cassie

“This is the sweetest thing!!! You are awesome!!”🥰 – Coco_in_NYC

“One cats junk is another cats treasure.” 😁🥰 – CANNA BATHS 🌱

“Aww I used to take care of strays outside of my apartments that were always together and looked like this!! Makes me feel hopeful for them.” – Adaly

white cat with toy ball
Stock image cat with toy. Pic Credit: Piotr Musioł/Unsplash

The TikTok poster noted they had given water and food to the street cats over the past year and a half. The felines have finally warmed up to the idea of interacting with humans.

It is unknown if they once had a home or not.

Final thoughts

There may be hope for these feral cats, as there is nothing that patience, love, and tender care cannot accomplish. Time will tell.

In the meantime, these outdoor street cats relish in the idea of having something new to look forward to entertaining themselves.

Do you have unused cat toys at home? Shelters and non-profit organizations often need supplies and toys for shelter animals.

Consider donating your second-hand toys to help animals in need and bring a smile to their face. Did this heartwarming story resonate with you?

If it did, be sure to share it with a friend and leave a comment.

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