Cat colony resides on isolated naval island

A massive cat colony under study invades an island in the Cheradi archipelago

A sizable cat colony has settled its quarter on an island in the Cheradi archipelago in Italy. A census estimates the colony to count over fifty felines. The San Pietro Island off the coast of Taranto is the largest of the Cheradi archipelago, as named by the historian Thucydides.  It houses a naval base, isolated … Read more

A municipality outsources cat emergency to nonprofit associations

City council encharges nonprofit organizations to provide emergency care for cats in Bari

The City of Bari is in a pickle when handling rescue cats brought to emergency services.  While the city searches for a new approach to handle the situation, the council has contracted two nonprofits to provide “Cat First Aid.” The Bari First Aid program is a secure program for abandoned felines. For the next two … Read more

cats with toy

These adorable street cats receive second-hand toys, and you’ll love how they react

There is a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, the same can apply to cats. In a popular Tik Tok post published October 7th by a user with the handle @the.wizard.of.cats, two feral cats are on a residence’s porch at night. Street cats receive a gift. One black cat and one … Read more

Cats Island welcomes stray cats and lone pets

Cat Island, the Chinese island turned into a safe haven for stray cats and abandoned pets

Stray cats have been given an atypical home on “Cat Island,” a shelter unlike any other, situated on a small lake island in China. Since then, some of the residents have found permanent homes While the project is still in its infancy stage, a small number of island residents have found permanent homes. The shelter … Read more

A gray and white cat looking straight at the camera.

The eviction of a stray cat from a historic palace has sparked debate

In Dubrovnik, Croatia, the destiny of Anastasia, a 17-year-old stray cat, has caused a rift among locals. Admired by the many tourists visiting the historic Ragusa, the senior cat had chosen to spend her time beneath the arches of the rector’s palace, a 14th-century architectural relic. Unfortunately, authorities expelled the moggy from the stunning palace. … Read more

mobile cat lounge

A woman opens a “cat salon” to encourage adoptions and fight  euthanasia

A former veterinary assistant decided to build her mobile cat salon, a camper van where felines can meet potential adopters and have all the necessary treats. Her goal is to help reduce the problem of the rising stray cat population and euthanasia in her area. Equipped with cat trees, beds, and baskets, Janette Deloach’s cat … Read more