This big-hearted man’s retirement plan includes tree climbing and over 1000+ cat rescues.

In a heartwarming YouTube video, a retiree makes the best of his twilight years by feeding his personal passion for the outdoors and cat rescues. When Normer Adams retired from social work in the foster care system, he turned to a new passion in tree climbing.

Combining his love of cats and tree climbing, he found a new purpose and joy in performing cat rescues in the community.

Exploring new territory

In the video, Normer recounts how he started getting involved with the idea of rescuing felines. At one of his tree climbing meetings, he got introduced to performing cat rescues.

And being raised around cats his whole life, it came naturally to him. He felt he really understands cats and how they communicate.

The cat whisperer

This senior does not let anything deter his efforts to save cats stuck in trees. Defying grand heights, he makes cat rescue look easy.

His soft tone and caring nature toward the fearsome felines work wonders. As of July 2022, he has successfully rescued 1100 cats and counting.

You may wonder, “How much does he charge?” Normer doesn’t charge a fee for his rescues as he does it from the heart and because he can.

Paying it forward and reuniting cats with their family is an immeasurable value. He has found a new purpose in positively impacting people and the felines that belong to these families.

Wrap up

When entering a new phase of life, you hope to be able to explore your deepest heart’s desire. So when Normer Adams decided to retire from his professional career as a social worker and venture into tree climbing, he never imagined he’d be able to claim over 1000 cat rescues in retirement.

This compassionate man left a world of helping foster children in the foster care system to transition into rescuing felines in retirement. With his big heart, he has used his twilight years to continue to serve and help others in need.

With hundreds of cat rescues and reuniting these lost felines with their family members, he’s helping make a positive impact on lives one at a time. Normer shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

You can follow Normer Adams on his Facebook page at Cat Man Do Rescue, Cats, and Drones in Trees.

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